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Bill rides into town and sits at a booth at the Queen of Hearts. Elizabeth joins him. As they talk, Bernard Montague is laughing with people. Lucas comes to the booth just as Montague comes over to say hello. When Elizabeth mentions Jamie, Montague acts like the name itself is a surprise.

Rosemary is angry that the governor is skipping over Hope Valley on his campaign trail. She has delusions of grandeur to get the man to stop here instead of Buxton. Lee wonders if Fiona can broadcast it over the radio. Minnie suggests a choir. The plan is in motion.

Lucas thinks Elizabeth is searching for trouble as she wonders why Madeline never brought up her fiancé.

Rosaleen runs up to them in the street. She found a place to attend nursing school and thanks Lucas for making the scholarship available. Elizabeth doesn’t think Henry is ready to share the truth yet. Lucas thinks Elizabeth is responsible for setting the chain of events in motion.

Rosemary is imagining a select guest list for the upcoming festivities, but Minnie shuts her down quietly by mentioning it’s for everyone.

Jed visits Nathan. He heard some loud noises from the old Avery property. He just wanted to make sure no one was trespassing.

When Allie overhears the Laura is no longer babysitting, she offers her services, and Nathan says who not ask?

When she gets a chance, Elizabeth talks with Montague, asking when Madeline and Jamie will be coming back. She is trying to see just how close the man is with Madeline. It doesn’t seem like very, but Lucas intervenes before she gets a better feel for it.

He doesn’t like her meddling with a paying a guest. He serves a lot of people he doesn’t trust and Montague is probably one of them. In his experience, you keep your enemies close. Elizabeth says you’d want to keep them away.

Bill scopes out the cabin to find a bunch of workers all around. They’re “putting in a well,” Montague says. Nathan requests they keep the noise down after dark.

Lee arrives home to Rosemary singing to Goldie.

Elizabeth said yes to Allie’s babysitting. Allie has a long list of things about Jack because she’s so excited.

Rosemary is equally excited about the choir.

Elizabeth finds Henry brushing Timber, and he laughs when she asks if he wants to join the choir.

The choir sounds terrible. They are so out of tune. Minnie claps anyway. Not bad for the first time.

Mike tells Mei he quite likes her voice, while Faith and Fiona bump elbows.

The first thing Jack wants to do with Allie is play hide and seek. She loses him and panics.

Lucas and Elizabeth talk about Montague, with Lucas reminding her that she once thought he was somewhat off, too.

Richard drops by the paper office with plans for a large order. It’s for a trestle bridge using some new kind of engineering. They’re paying a premium for fast service. Lee and Rosemary are trying to figure out why they need the bridge, especially given the location and how far it is away from anywhere.

Nathan arrives to find Allie in distress. He uses a dad type of logic to find the little guy. He was under the couch and giggles when found.

Mei feels bad that she’s holding back the choir.

Henry asks a visibly chafing Bill how he’s holding up. As they talk, Rosaleen and Molly come in.

Elizabeth is surprised to find Nathan there when she returns. They share apple juice together and chat. Allie is worried that she won’t get hired back, but Elizabeth says clearly she has good instincts. She summoned law enforcement. Haha. He says Allie really looks up the Elizabeth, which gives her a moment to bring up Faith. She’s sorry to hear that Faith broke things off. He says he doesn’t think he’s very good at that kind of thing and isn’t that kind of guy.

It’s an interesting conversation that has Nathan think twice as he leaves. Inside, Elizabeth picks up Jack’s Mountie hat and looks at his photo. In the morning, she rides to the cemetery to visit with Jack.

Joseph finds Henry at the schoolhouse, doing a little thinking about Rosaleen. It’s bringing up a lot about the disaster for Henry as much as it is Rosaleen.

Rosemary and Minnie want Mike and Mei to do a duet. The look on Mei’s face is so sad. It’s the last thing she wants.

When Henry and Rosaleen run into each other, she realizes that it as he who set up the scholarship. She decides not to take the scholarship.

Elizabeth rides by the cabin, and she’s told to move along.

Mike is helping Mei, but she’s a tough subject. He says she just has to believe her voice is beautiful because he does. And she really does have a beautiful voice.

Elizabeth visits Nathan. They both wonder what Montague is up to.

Rosaleen’s bags are packed, and she’s running back to South Carolina. She finally admits to Molly that he saw Henry. Molly says she can’t keep running forever, but Rosaleen doesn’t want to just accept what Henry did to their family and others.

Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth. He sometimes still puts his livelihood first, and he knows he should trust Elizabeth’s instincts.

Rosaleen visits Henry to apologize. She never needs to apologize to him. He’s the one who apologizes. She thought she’d never return to Hope Valley because it’s so painful. She remembers the gruff man who used to control this town, what he took from it, and how scared she was of him. But that man isn’t Henry anymore. She sees that now. She asks him to join them to listen to the choir. Henry is overcome.

Jack runs to Allie during choir practice. Henry joins and sits beside Rosaleen, making everyone’s heart swell.


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When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

Nathan: I gotta feed Newton, though, so aaah.
Elizabeth: That’s the best you could come up with?

For my nosey, meddling, suspicious bride to be.