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Jack is getting baptized. Surprisingly, guardians are not the same as godparents. Hmmm. She asks her sister to be his godmother.

Grace visits town with an orphan named Spencer. He's so getting adopted by Rosemary and Leland, right?

Elizabeth and Lucas chat about the opening of the library and the ribbon cutting.

He gets a call from Cape Fullerton. Fiona has to grab people from other places for phone calls.

A woman says they're coming after them. They know Lucas is in Hope Valley.

Rosemary is planning the Founders' Day celebration.

Elizabeth asks Bill to be Jack's godfather.

Leland is losing another one of his employees to Henry.

Nate hears Elizabeth scream in the library. When he enters, they fumble around each other even brushing fingertips.

Sharing information she heard on Lucas' call will ultimately put Elizabeth in jeopardy.

Carson gives Spencer a checkup allowing him to listen to his own heart.

Grace decides to stay in town to wait for Spencer's iron pills and have a go at the founder's day festival. They casually brush over that Spencer won't eat, but something tells me it's going to be a bigger issue.

Fiona offers her help to Rosemary. Rosemary first turns her down so she can do it all herself, but then changes her mind.

Elizabeth finds Lucas closing up the saloon and getting ready to head out of town. He doesn't pay a lot of attention to her, which is unusual.

After chastising Mike for abandoning Leland, Jesse wonders what kind of opportunities Henry is offering.

Elizabeth shares her concerns for Lucas with Bill and Nathan. She reports he had a gun and looked like he was running to trouble, not away from it.

Jesse goes to Henry who offers the possibility of future employement and suggests they let bygones be bygones.

Evil walks into town.

Carson and Grace try to make Spencer smile. She really has a way with the little boy.

Rosemary asks about Spencer's parents. Grace grew up in an orphanage which is why she and her friend are opening their own orphanage: so they can do better.

Nathan finds Lucas in the woods. He noses into his business. He offers to help, but Lucas turns down the offer. Lucas helped his friend when Amos Nixon went after her, and now that the fellow is out of jail, Amos is looking for them both.

Nathan suggests that they return to town and allow Mounties to do their job instead of Lucas going the 100 miles. It will take too long.

Fiona wants the Founder's Day celebration to be more exciting. In San Francisco they have planes doing loop-de-loops in the air. Rosemary reminds them they're not in San Francisco.

Amos is a loan shark. Lucas used his craft as a card shark to get Amos to either cancel the repayment of the loan or get double. When Lucas saw Amos was stacking the deck, he cheated. The only time in his life. Now there's trouble.

Jesse considers jumping ship from Leland. Clara reminds him that he loves his job and working with Lee. 

Elizabeth goes to the saloon in search of Lucas. She finds Amos instead. She's trapped.

It's flapjacks for dinner because everybody loves flapjacks and that includes Spencer. He's eating!

Jesse visits Lee pulling him from dinner to discuss his future. Loyalty wins, and Leland hopes to reward him when a deal goes through.

Lucas arrives at the saloon to find Elizabeth in trouble. 

Nathan and Bill chat. 

Amos wants his money and to know where the safe is located. 

Lucas had the money until he spent it on the oil deal is what I'm thinking.

Lee visits Elizabeth to find she's not there. He relieves the sitter.

Henry opens the safe. There is plenty of money inside. There is also a gun that Bouchard unwisely pulls out.

Bouchard empties his safe.

Nathan knocks on the door of the saloon.

When Lucas opens the door, he opens it just a little wider than necessary to give Nathan a clue he needs to help.

Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth, but she isn't pleased with him.

Amos decides to hold onto Elizabeth until he's out of town.

Bill gets Amos' thug, and Nathan walks in allowing Elizabeth the opportunity to stall.

Together, Bouchard and Nathan get Amos down.

Lucas offers his coat to Elizabeth who shrugs him off.

Lucas gets word that his friend Jeannette is fine. Bouchard didn't know who to trust, that's why he didn't tell anyone about Amos and what could happen.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Elizabeth: You're closing down the saloon.
Lucas: Everyone deserves a break now and then, even my staff.

Jack really looked up to you, and one day, Little Jack will, too.