A Married Couple - Whiskey Cavalier
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The team has a new mission to capture a genocidal general. Frankie and Will have have to pose as a married couple to get access to him and work alongside a spy who is pretending to be did groom of the wedding..

Frankie tells Will something she feels and and her past. They nearly kiss buf Frankie pulls back and puts some physical and emotional distance between them. She makes out with someone else and Will sees it .

Frankie is upset when she realizes the spy fell for his mark..the bride turns on her father after a standoff.

Standish and Jai are working out their differences.

Also Susan is upset when she cannot go on the mission to Parisand has to stay back and coach people.

Ray talks her through her work and insecurity. The team reminds her how much they need her.

Frankie realizes her coldnesss and attempts to make things up to Will. He gives her the space, and it surprises her even. It surprises him how she made an effort with him to apologize and offer a peaceoffer.

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Standish: Your tiny robots are delicious.
Jai: Thank you.

Edgar: We should've Frankie'd this guy.
Frankie: Stop using my name as a verb.
Edgar: It's a compliment.