A New Partnership - Whiskey Cavalier
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Will is moping over his ex fiancee Gigi breaking things off with him. His friend and colleague Ray calls with a mission. There is a doctor with a Ebola vial and Ray is supposed to meet up for the exchange but is stuck in traffic. Will takes his place and ends up chasing the guy down, getting the vial, and getting shot in the best before taking the guy down.

His boss calls him up for a new mission after catching him talking to his friend and FBI shrink Susan on the phone in the bathroom. He has to retrieve suspected traitor Edgar former NSA analyst who was taken by the FBI.

Will is distracted by a woman who talks about her ex and misses the exchange. She handcuffs him to the bar and takes off with Edgar and he follows her. They end up together and he finds out she's CIA Frankie.

She wants Edgar because he has info on fellow spies. She holds both of them captive but they orchestrate a break when edgar bribes her mercenary. Will gets the upper hand until she puts them both in a trunk..she meets with her friend Jai.

Will and Edgar get away again, and Susan calls to give him a rundown on Frankie and warns him that he didn't shake her. She's right. Frankie catches up with them but they find out they're all wanted with a bounty on them.

Edgar tells them that he's a whistleblower not a traitor. The tarball has dirty agent and patterns. They are attacked. Frankie is shot. Will takes her to Ray's villa.

Will removes the shirt from Frankie's bullet wound and she passes out. He noticed the two glasses and Gigi comes out. She and Ray have been together for 7 months. Ray and Will fight until their boss interrupts. He wants to take Edgar in, but Will is suspicious.

Alex takes the chip out of Edgar's tooth where he hid it. Will notices the Caute ring that was the same as the Ebola traitor phonecall. He realizes his boss is dirty. Frankie uses an exploding tampon to distract everyone.

A joint task force is formed with will Frankie, Susan, Edgar, and Jai.

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: This is the FBI, there are no private moments. Look, we all know this is a pretty rough breakup.
Will: Well it wasn't that bad.
Alex: Son, we have the footage.

Hello, Dr.Conrad. Very punctual. I like that in a traitor.