Mission in Spain - Whiskey Cavalier
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Will and Emma have their first fight when Ray invites Emma on their next mission and makes it seem like her job isn't as important as Will's and he didnt stick up for her.

Will and the team has to go after his former marine buddy turned nemesis who is trying to sell plutonium to the highest bidder. He hates the guy for many of the things he did back in the day, and Frankie supports him because he doesn't hate anyone.

They get the plutonium back but Will wants to take down Jimmy so Frankie and Emma help.

While at a Spanish villa while undercover Will and Frankie drink wine and Frankie gives him an massage. Will wonders if it's something he should tell Emma about. Emma shows how there and she and Will talk and she sns Frankie talk.

Standish has a date lined up with Martyna, but he listens to Ray's advice and screws it up by not being himself after Susan and Jai helped him get it. Susan sees him up with her again and it works out. Martyna has an interest in technology and computers too.

Ray and Susan become friendlier.

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