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Keller kidnapped Elizabeth in the summer finale and in this installment, Peter, Neal and the rest of the FBI team wasted no time in commencing the search to find her.

Peter confronted Neal about the treasure and Neal finally confessed to having it. Convinced it was the reason Keller kidnapped Elizabeth, Peter and Neal headed to the storage facility to bring it to Keller. Unfortunately, Neal’s fallout with Mozzie left the storage facility empty and the pair with a need to locate their elusive friend. Mozzie eventually returns when it becomes clear Elizabeth’s life depends on it. Together, the trio decided to create their own con to get Keller to cooperate while still buying time for the rest of FBI team to track Elizabeth down, but leave it to Elizabeth to mount and execute an escape of her own.

Eventually Peter and Neal are able to recover the treasure and take down Keller at the same time, an outcome which presents an opportunity Neal to become a free man in the wake of his honorable actions.


White Collar
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White Collar Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Peter: So you're saying you care.
Mozzie: About Mrs. Suit....and....

In three months, you could be a free man.