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Jeremy gives Ryan a ton of work to get done quickly.  Wilfred is bored at home and demands to come in to work.  The office all loves Wilfred, and Jeremy gives Ryan a reprieve on the work.


Wilfred's gimmick cools off and the office gets annoyed by the dog.  That includes Jeremy, who demands Ryan's work sooner.  Ryan gets to work, while Wilfred looks for new material.


The dog's new bits don't work, but he convinces Ryan to stand up to his boss.  Ryan does and when they go into the office, Jeremy is in a sexual act with the janitor.  Ryan gets the entire week off from work.

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Wilfred Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

So you're just going to leave me in that thing? Like some guy caged up like some animal?


One man's trash is another man's feng shui. That's why I left that pool of yellow water by the southeast door.