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Wilfred is scratched by a cat so he kidnaps six cats from the neighborhood to sex-butcher.  He decides to email Jenna, telling her that he (a stranger) stole the cats, so she could get the big story and save her career.


He tells her that he is making a video of killing the cats, so he and Ryan do (but they don't kill the cats).  After Ryan finishes editing the video, Wilfred just sends a video of sad dogs, and says everyone should put their cats down.


Wilfred finally convinces Ryan to tell Jenna the truth about the pot candy she at last season, that led to the squishy tits video and her lack of a career.  She was mad at first but eventually forgave him.

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Wilfred Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Wilfred: Do you remember the scratch on my face, Ryan?
Ryan: The one that's still there? Yes.

Three of the bastards jumped me whilst I was in the back alley, taking the trash out of the trash.