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It's Jenna's 30th birthday and Drew is throwing her party. Ryan thinks his party is lame so he decides to help out.  Wilfred, meanwhile, wants to create his legacy through a biography, but he needs Ryan to help him write it.  After using his shock collar on Ryan, Wilfred's book forces Ryan to miss setting up for Jenna's party.  After reading what turns out to be a very heartfelt book about Wilfred's love for Jenna, Ryan decides to take a step back in the friendship with his neighbor.

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Then I guess it's up to Drew to make up for his shitty party by hitting it later that night from the front...human style.


Ryan, if you don't take this thing off of me right now, I'm going to give myself dead possum breath and breathe in your face.