Finding Angie - Will Trent Season 1 Episode 13
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Everyone is gathered at Will's place to find clues about Angie. Flashbacks show how Angie was attacked and how she protected Betty.

Amanda, Evelyn, and Will try to find a connection between the killer and the victims.

In 1986, Butch and Rick threaten Amanda and Evelyn if they don't give up the case that they'' get hurt.

The killer almost runs Will over in the parking lot and taunts him.

Butch is still a jerk and can't believe Amanda and Evelyn think he messed up.

One of the ladies from the 1980s, Kitty Treadwill, came to tell Will how she escaped years ago and what a monster this man is.

Amanda and Evelyn talk to James again. He's convinced Butch is a monster. Will, Ormewood, and Faith stake out Butch's place. Butch gets defensive when he sees them, and shots are fired.

Amanda found another body. The female victim looks similar to Angie.

Will breaks down, and he sees a vision of Lucy, who comforts him and encourages him to look outside the box.

As Will questions James, Paul tells Amanda he recognized the smell of the killer.

Will and James fight. He almost dies, but Angie wakes up, and Will arrests James. We see flashbacks of Amanda finding a dead Lucy and baby Will.

Evelyn tells Will that Amanda named him after her dad, and she tried to keep him, but it was the 1980s. They didn't let single women adopt kids. Will goes to Amanda, and she gives him Lucy's necklace.

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Will Trent Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Will: This is the first picture I’ve seen of my mother.
Amanda: She was great, Will, really special.
Will: No, we’re not doing that now. You’ve had over 15 years to tell me who my mother was.

He’s got Angie. If he stays on schedule, we have less than 42 hours. Let’s get to work.