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John is caring for his father. His mother has passed, and he's giving his dad a horseride. Sr. Dutton tells John he's a good boy.

Sr. says don't let them take it from you, son. Not a goddamned inch.

John says he'll miss his dad, but his dad assures him he won't miss who he is now but who he used to be. As you get older, you just wish you had another chance to see the wonder in they eyes of those you love. He misses John's mother and his brother. But he loves John. It only took 90 years, John says.

Sr. remembers John snuck in every night to steal a cookie. John thought nobody ever knew, but he knew. His father dies in his arms.

In the present, John tells Rip his life has been full of loss, but he's not gonna lose this one.

Dan's security detail tells Dan to get some sleep. Dan snarks back at him. The guy gets killed where he sits from a sniper.

Dan pours a glass of wine as two thugs start to enter the house.

Dan spots them entering and goes for his gun. He heads to the closet and closes himself inside. Oh no!!

The guy is right in front of Dan who is scared shitless inside the closet. The guy prepares to make his move. Dan shoot. But he exits the closet too soon! He put his gun on the floor. There is a shootout!! Dan is hit, but he's killed the guys!!

There is another one outside that spots him just after he looks at the clear blue Montana skies. He's hit! He's down!

Dan is still breathing when the guy goes inside to get his compadres and drags them outside. He has a right, he mumbles as he lay dying. 

John wants Beth clean of this. No one is clean of this, she says.

Jamie tries to rationalize Malcolm's behavior. John wonders why it matters why the guy is doing it. John says this will be the end of the, but they're going to do it anyway.

The sheriff arrives to see Dan in the body bag.

John says, do you believe me now? Donnie says he can't clean this up. How do they hide it?

John forces Donnie to choose a side. He can only keep this quiet for a very short time. John wants Donnie to have his cousins stand down. Donnie says he has to make it about cattle. Control the narrative.

John is worried about Kayce. Kayce tells him not to worry. This is about the only thing he's good at.

Malcolm tells someone the problem is still there. Donnie pulls over Malcolm. They pop the trunk. It's clean.

Malcolm calls Teal to get out of the house and go to Great Falls. The sheriff isn't their friend anymore.

John calls Rainwater who states the obvious. John wants him to stay on the reservation until it's done. He knows he's next. Rainwater is prepared. To let John know where he stands, Rainwater is sending a man. On this, he stands with John.

John puts out the call. Do it.

Kayce shows the sheriff's deputy a warrant. He's going in.

Kayce works his way through the house. He shoots Teal while he's on the crapper. There's a lot of things Kayce can shoot before Teal dies. He tells Teal where to find Tate. Up 284 there's a little beatup house behind a bunch of scrappers.

Teal doesn't want to die on a toilet, but he doesn't get a choice.

John asks Beth to make an amendment to the trust. He knows who loves him and who's loyal. He always has. Jamie asks what it says. Beth tells him to fuck off.

Beth goes directly to Rip, a slight smile on her face. She takes him to Rip's new home. There's no accounting for taste, but it's the thought that counts, she teases Rip after he is claimed as a son by John Dutton.

Rip wants her to read it again.

Rainwater's man arrives to help John. John sends Kayce to get Rip. He can't risk Kayce.

The agents gather in the dusk to carry out their task.

Rainwater's man does a prayer for the horse to sense danger, so the bullets bounce off, he can move fast, and Rip wonders if he doesn't want to draw on him.

The sense of foreboding is overbearing.

John and Rip prepare to go into battle, the former apologizing for it being today of all day. Rip can't think of a better one. Rip says I love you to the sky and takes off.

The shooting begins in earnest, and John is right at the door. People are getting picked off on both sides.

There is a guy inside who looks like John Malkovich in a prayer position. He's wearing a right to bear arms militia sweatshirt. Kayce asks if he knows where his son it. He sure does, and he kills himself.

John and Malcolm have their moment in the grass. Malcolm is down with John looming over him.

You deserve a lot worse than this, John says. Malcolm is screaming with every shot. John gives his word that if Malcolm tells him where his grandson is, he'll get him to a hospital.

It's Malcolm's last chance to do something to get him to heaven. Malcolm can either get a lifetime of reminiscing in the next 30 minutes, or he can tell John where to find Tate.

All of the guys wonder what the hell John is doing. Malcolm tells John where to find Tate. Malcolm won't make it to the hospital. He wants to be alone.

The sheriff drives up on the house in White Fish Montana. White Pride is playing on the TV to the sound of heavy metal music. They kill everyone and find a ravaged Tate. 

Tate is soon safe in Daddy's arms.

John gets the word and takes the news to Monica and Beth.

Beth goes to Rip who is never far away. She says they're going to lose the fuckin' place. She hopes they do. She's going to sleep for a year. If she wants some company, he needs to let her know.

Beth walks away from her father crying on the porch.




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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I have every right to be here. Every right. I have a right. This is America.


My whole life's just a long series of losin' things I love. I'm not gonna lose this one, Rip. Not this one.