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Everyone is starting their day. Jamie is outside, John is dressing in a suit, and Kayce is checking in on Monica and Tate.

Kayce rouses sleeping Monica and kisses her on the forehead.

John wants Kayce to ride the east pastures to check for clover. He'll be back by night because it doesn't take long to quit something. Jamie can dress in the car.

Tate wakes up frightened out of his mind.

Kayce doesn't want Beth to say anything. She doesn't have to.

John and Jamie are at the capital building. When Jamie offhandedly says "trust me," John sniffs.

Lynelle doesn't know where to start. Jamie says, apparently, exactly what John asked him to say. They're defending themselves against what happened to the Beck brothers.

How it looks is all that matters anymore. Six people died. When they see all of the facts, it won't look like law enforcement anymore; it will look like a feud.

John suggests they stop looking and leave the Dutton family out of it by taking the credit. All parties agree.

Jamie looks awful.

Rainwater and Mo watch the news about John from his office, pondering John's fate and what it means for them.

Rip and Kayce are in the fields. They'll have to babysit the cattle all summer long because the fields aren't ready. And then they see a group of people walking through the fields. Providence Hospitality Management owns the sporting club, and they're just stomping through the land. He's Ellis Steele, representing the group.

He finds the land incredible. When Ellis says he didn't catch Kayce's name, Kayce says he didn't offer it.

Ellis offers dinner for Kayce, and Rip rides him off with his horse.

A new enemy!

Beth purchased over 17k acres. Bob wants Beth to easy off on the conservation liability. There could be bigger income on the horizon. She gets the news that Providence is on the project. Beth wonders about their plans, and Bob says she needs to buy every fuckin' thing she can get her hands on.

Lloyd and Jimmy and the gang are building something. Jimmy tells a cute joke, but nobody laughs. It was cute! Ryan's joke makes them laugh.

Beth finds a woman in the nearby liquor store that has a face much like hers. Her son is missing. Beth suggests she start a GoFundMe page, a pickle jar the whole world can see. She thinks it's terrible that the woman's husband is still beating her. New boyfriend, big ass ashtry to get the job done.

Now is the scene when Beth finds the trespassing Roarke.

Their conversation crackles.

John arrives home. He never wanted the office. He just wanted the control. He still has that.

Kayce reports in about the clover and Paradise Valley.

John is naming Kayce as his replacement for commissioner. When Kayce absconds, Beth nominates Jamie. John can trust Jamie to be exactly what he is, always doing what is best for himself. He'll use the office to become popular with his constituents, and his constituents are rancher, and what's good for their ranches is good for theirs.

Mic drop.

The hands are playing roping by putting their foreheads on a branding iron and spinning and then taking off. Coby and Jimmy battle it out. Jimmy gets flattened.

It's Jamie's turn to lay calf, and he drinks a lot to get into the role.

Jamie goes down like like a brick shithouse.

Rip returns with anger over their still being up at 3:30. They need to be up in an hour to do everything. He tells Lloyd to act his fuckin' age.

Jamie is really hurt but doesn't want to show it.

John sees Monica wandering the halls. Monica is still lost in her own house. It gives John time to apologize about allowing Tate to get kidnapped. She doesn't blame him.

Monica wants John to take Tate with him while they build the camp because she can't think of a better medicine than stars for the ceiling.

John tells Jamie to move out of the bunkhouse because he can't have the livestock commissioner living there. If Jamie ever betrays him again, he's dead to him.

Kayce apologizes for not accepting the commission.

As they begin to ride off, Lloyd wonders who will feed the world when there aren't any of them left. John says the world will just go hungry.

Camp is getting started, and Rip leaves them to go back to the ranch.

Tate wonders if this is how they used to do it.

Not too far away, a crew is fracking or something. It's Rainwater's place. They've got a cease and deceased order.

Monica is on campus seeing all of the kids sitting together without communicating since their faces are buried in their phones. She's disappointed. She says they're hypnotized by a world that doesn't even exist, calls them a waste of her fuckin' time and leaves.

Beth is knockin' on Rip's door. She wants to Christen his house. She offers him a shot, pours in on herself, and that's exactly what he wants.

There is a wolf out by the cattle. Kayce assures the mamas that he won't let it get to them.

Tate is worried that dad's not back yet. He's not coming back because he's with his herd. When the wold howls, Tate gets scared, and John centers him. He says the wolf is just calling out to its friends so they always know where he is.

Tate begins talking about his nightmares. John teaches Tate how to decide what to dream by changing the ingredients. Tate is unconvinced. John shares his nightmare about pulling over on the side of the road where there are six people.

Tate says it won't come true because he just changed the ingredients. Mission accomplished.


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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Ellis: I didn't catch your name.
Kayce: That's because I didn't offer it.

Mo: How do you think this is gonna work out for him.
Rainwater: It depends on whether he's as smart as I think he is.
Mo: I watched him in a field. He had honor where most wouldn't.
Rainwater: What are you saying?
Mo: I'm saying maybe he's not the enemy we think he is.
Rainwater: When there's one thing that two men want, they can either share it or be enemies. Are you suggesting we share it?
Mo: Suggesting things isn't my job, Chairman. It's yours.