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Wranglers are getting cattle into a truck, but I don't think they're associated with the ranch.

It's night, and Rip kisses Beth on the head. He'll be home late. It's o'dark thirty in the morning.

She taunts him -- should he go to work or should he like on top of her? She pulls the covers aside and unbuttons her dress. Rip isn't going anywhere.

Jamie is getting ready for his day, too. He's looking in the office drawer for a document he shouldn't touch, which is apparent because he looks down the hallway like a teenager about to be caught.

Lloyd tells Laramie to sleep in and stay as long as she wants.

When Rip rips into Lloyd, Mia tells Rip they're not freeloaders. Put them to work.

Kayce, Ryan, and Hendon are on sight of the cattle theft.

Jamie has his office clerk check for power of attorney for the ranch. He needs to get something done so that they can ratify his appointment.

He delivers his drivers license and social security card to an office. There must be a point to this.

Beth arrives at the ranch to find John staring at nothing. He wants to slow down the world.

They have a beautiful discussion about Rip and trust.

Jamie learns he's adopted. His mother is Phyllis Mary Randall and his father is Garrett Randall. His name is James Michael Randall.

The clerk gives him a court record. HIs father was guilty of killing his mother. She suggests Jamie doesn't go to hard on his dad because she wouldn't want him to know that, either.

Jamie comes down on his clerk, but after he yells at her, he asks her to track down his father.

Jamie looks at himself in his Harvard diploma on the wall, wondering, "Who the fuck are you?"

Mia is hilarious. She's talking about what's sexy for women and what's sexy for men. Rip looks like he's going to poke his eyes out.

Jimmy keeps looking at Rip with a half-smile on his face by way of apologizing.

Finally, Rip has to laugh at her. Beth is softening him a bit.

When Beth gets to work, Angela is in her office. They have history. Angela tells her that they find themselves on the same side. They talk about Willa Hayes.

Angela thinks Willa will get Beth fired. She wonders about her brother, and Beth said she wouldn't ask him for water in the desert. Angela says they're gonna have to get dirty. Beth stays dirty.

Rip, Jimmy, and Mia arrive at the rodeo for business. They're taking the bronco to the rodeo. Mia cannot believe she's meeting a world champion.

The kid who rides the bronc is terrifying. The horse isn't a rodeo horse, though. They take the horse back. Is Rip going to kill it?? OMG.

When Jimmy is in awe of the kid, Rip reminds him that the kid could still die even though he's been doing it since he was four and has a team of world champions teaching him.

Kayce found the truck. The guy immediately takes off with the trailer, but Kayce grabs a horse and pursues.

Good Golly does Kayce look sexy riding that horse.

Kayce ropes the guy right in his front seat.

John is at the local diner. He gets to eat steak again. Rare. Pull it out of the cooler, whisper fire, and put it on the plate.

Wade Morrow and his son arrive to sit next to him. John says the guy isn't stupid, so his boyfriend in prison must have fucked all the common sense right out of him.

John employed Wade, but he stole the one thing that men don't steal. John says he has something that belongs to him. Come and get it, Wade says. John plans to do that.

The trailer gets a flat, and Rip cannot get the tire off and begins a full assault on the thing.

By the time they get back, he's beyond annoyed.

Beth says she gave him a choice in the morning, and he chose wrong. She says, "this has a first chink in the armor feel to it," and Rip comes out with a six-pack. He downs beer after beer. Then he turns to her, third beer in hand, "so dear, how was your day?" She laughs and asks him to sit.

She has a ring for him. He opens it. Looks like an O ring. Beth asks for his hand in marriage, and he says yes.

Kayce and Hendon are at a home. Guns are drawn. The guy is shooting right through the house, and in doing so, gives Kayce reason to shoot him dead. Ryan got shot and so did Hendon. Looks like Hendon's arms are on backward.

After Kayce radios for help, he hears a scream from inside. There is a little girl screaming over her father.

John is looking at family albums. Jamie has a question.

John always said judge a man by his word, and Jamie wonders if there is some other meaning of truth that he doesn't know. Jamie is very dramatic, and when he pushes back, John tells him to get the fuck out of his house. Jamie can sit down or leave the house.

John uses cows and calves to describe Jamie's situation. A bull has no point. All they do is sire the child. The mother cares, but she didn't get to love him because his father beat her to death with a showerhead.

John has earned the right to call Jamie son, and he'll continue calling him that.

They knew his parents, but his mother thought she could save his father despite their guidance not to get involved with him.

John says that Jamie is in a very unique position. Everyone wonders what it's like to have different parents, and now Jamie has that choice. He can find his sire and choose who to call father.

John says that he feels both sixteen and tired enough to die.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Rip: Who is that, Jimmy?
Jimmy: That's Mia. She's my girlfriend.
Rip: This is gonna be one of those fucking days I never should have gotten out of bed. Go get your fucking ass in the truck.

Rip: When the fuck did the bunkhouse become paradise island? I mean, come on, Lloyd. You gotta be kidding me.
Lloyd: She's old enough to vote and buy bullets. Don't blame me for her bad judgment.