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  • Love and Joe go to couples therapy.
  • Joe is shocked to see Natalie dead, and Love tells him she found his box and that she knew what that meant. Joe immediately goes into trying to clean up the crime scene and reprimanding Love for doing such a poor job.
  • In the present Joe and Love are at couples therapy trying to explain why they're there without mentioning the gory details. 
  • The therapist talks to both of them and seems to notice that Love tries to talk over Joe, which Joe appreciates. 
  • Joe is irate that he has to clean up Love's mess and cusses her out. He has to dispose of Natalie's body and dresses up like her in case there were cameras. 
  • Love hates the the therapist Chandra seems to be pinpointing some of the issues with her, though Joe loves it. 
  • Dottie tells Love that the Quinn money is in flux and she may not be able to help Love with the baker financianlly.
  • Love recalls meeting Theo who hits on her at a store and wanting that from Joe.
  • Love's cupcakes aren't a hit among the adults because Sherry won't let anyone eat them at the kid's party they have to attend.
  • Joe learns from Cary that Matthew invented rings that they all wear to track all of their health information which means that he probably has on on Natalie and will find out where her body is and that her heart stopped if they don't get to her before hefigures it out.
  • Joe and Love have it out when they move Natalie's body calling each other out on their shortcomings. 
  • They both make a brekathrough in therapy and learn that they share a mutual fear of abandoment. It flips a switch and they start working as a team and have sex and are on the same page. 
  • Love opens her bakery. 
  • Joe and Love  build the cage in the basement of the bakery together to give each other a safe space just in case. 
  • Love goes to Natalie's house to drop off cupcakes and get a feel for what's happening when Theo answeres the door. He's Matthew's stepson. The cops come to take a statement. 
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YOU Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Therapist: So what brings you two here?
Flashback Joe: What did you do?
Flashback Love: What did you do?
Love: We had a fight. I caught him cheating.

I can't just walk out of this web, the spider has my child. Also true, I've made mistakes in the past.

Joe Voiceover