Saving Marienne  - YOU Season 3 Episode 6
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  • Joe spends time in Nurse Fiiona's office reeading. She shares her sandwich, and he notices her brusies she tries to hide on her arm and dismisses as her being a klutz.
  • Joe breaks into Marienne's apartment and loosk around making observations about her and has to stop himself from fixing her sink. 
  • He's trying to satiate his urges and figure out why he's drawn to Marienne. 
  • JOe hides under Marienne's bed when she comes in to get ready for something. Meanwhile Love keeps textign Joe and it makes him feel guilty.
  • Love avoids Theo's texts and has to take a pregnancy test. 
  • Matthew returns home early to Theo's surprise. 
  • Love talks to Forty's text messages to get her feelings out. 
  • Theo plays music outside Love's window to get her attention. He says she's the only he trusts and wants to talk to.
  • Both JOe and Love think they don't deserve each other and think about other people when they have sex.
  • Matthew is having Jane who runs his company looking into Love and Joe, and she discouages him.
  • Love arrives at her mother's retreat and her mother suspects she's pregnant 
  • Joe searches Marienne's office. Finds a file about a case against her for child endangerment.
  • Love gets into it with her mother and Dottie tells her about herself.
  • Theo goes to give Matthew dinner and finds him  asleep and his entire investigation into Natalie's death on his computer with all the suspects
  • Joe overhears Marieene's ex, Ryan from the news, calling her a junkie and yellig at her and knocking over tings. He goes up to defend her and send him out. ryan leaves, but Marieenne is mad that Joe intervented and JOe has an ephhiphany that he has mommy issues.
  • Marienne calls Joe for help when the sprinkler system ruins all the books one night. They talk and she tells him how she figured out he was in the system and she was too. She tells him that she used to be an addict and so did Ryan, and she lost custody becuase of a car accident and Ryan built a case against her on lies every since
  • They share a moment and makeout.
  • Sherr gives Love advice and she says goodbye to Forty.
  • Theo tells Love about Matthew hiring a PI and his conspiracy board.
  • Flashback Joe is upset when Nurse Fiona's abusive boyriend shows up at her job with flowers.
  • Joe goes to turn in his resignation and Marienne tells him that she has feelings or him but won't do anything about it. They kiss again. 
  • Joe heads home and Love is there. She says that she'll get theo to believe they'll have sex to get more information about Matthew. Joe thinks it's the perfect distraction.
  • Love envisions Forty is there witih her in the tub and they talk. She tells him she doesn't like Joe anymore or love him. 
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YOU Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Love: All you ever showed me was to get the prince, build the castle, and then burn it all to the fucking ground.
Dottie: Says the princess who was given all the mattresses in the world to sleep on and still complains she can feel the pea. I gave you the world, you little bitch! And you have no idea what I had to do to give it to you. Your coice to fuck the neighbor boy and blow up your life has nothing to do with me and everyhting to do with you being spoiled and bored. I'll take the blame for spoiling you, but you want the source for your unhappiness, look in the mirror instead of spouting your own unhappiness.

What's got you stepping out of your routine? I dearly hope it doesn't involve pegging someone on this bed, RIP Peach.

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