Greetings From Suburbia  - YOU Season 3 Episode 5
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  • Joe and Love sit in therapy and talk about how well they're doing and how they've assimilated too well.
  • Love implies that Joe needs to make friends outside of work for her. So he agrees. 
  • Joe laments that their sex life has grown stale these days. He feels neutered. 
  • Sherry is Love's best friend and they're planning a party for Henry to work to get into the best private pre school.
  • Joe laments that Love is becoming like the rest of Madre Linda while he still feels like an outsider.
  • Joe gets close to Marienne. They talk about books while she draws him. 
  • Joe grows infatuated with Marienne and has to keep talking himself out of fixating on her.
  • Sherry talks about Theo and Love tries to deflect.
  • Cary invites Joe to a hunting trip. 
  • Theo stops by to talk to Love at the house. Joe feels like he interrupted something. Later he finds Uber share rides and she tells him that she got them for Theo and tells him the truth about Theo kising him. He gets angry. 
  • JOe attends to the hunting trip where all the guys keep talking about how Cary saved their marriages. 
  • He's annoyed that Love told Shery about his issues getting it up and Cary knows. Cary claims Joe will stick by him and urges him to kill a squirrel. Joe declines but then Cary inititates a fight where Joe throws him off a cliff. He drags him back to camp thinking that someething is wrong, but Cary is fine. 
  • Theo visists Love at the bakery and notes taht she's changed. 
  • Flashback Joe envisions shoving his bully Derek down stairs. 
  • Cary applauds Joe's animalist ways and Joe breaks down crying. 
  • Love picks up Theo who got arrested for driving drunk on a scooter. Love and Theo go riding on it. 
  • Theo tells Love that she's the reason he's flunking out because he can't wstop thinking about her. They have sex in the woods.
  • Dottie calls Love when she's with Theo. When she arrives home, Dottie tells her that she missed Henry's first steps and missed them because she didn't answer the face time call.
  • Dottie levels with Love about growing up and leaving Theo alone instead of blaming Joe and focusing on Henry.
  • JOe comes back and tells Love he loves her and trusts her. 
  • Fiona talks to young Joe about how well she knows getting bullied and she saw him almost pus him and said she wouldn't tell.
  • Joe and Love have a great night of sex. 
  • Joe had the sensor of the bakery off so he could justify leaving the house. He thinks that Cary taught him that he dind' thave to cage what's inside of him. 
  • Meanwhile Theo loudly has sex with someone next door so Love can see and hear. 
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YOU Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Why is men's small talk so terrible?

Joe Voiceover

Unleashing my impulses is the absolute opposite of what I need to do. No thank you, hard pass.

Joe Voiceover