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Caitlin comes home and when Liza tries to tell her about masquerading as a 26-year-old, Caitlin immediately thinks she's getting a sex change. After all. Man hands.

100 things women think about when giving a blow job. The new silly book that will sell.

Charles asks Diana to a business dinner and she wants it to be the beginning of something big. Charles, meanwhile, tells Kelsey her book idea was a swing and a miss.

Maggie gives Liza advice about Josh when Liza worries she might not be the person he fell in love with. His friend, meanwhile, thinks she should be locked up in a cougar prison. She's a sexual drifter. As he doesn't text, Liza watches the dots appear and disappear in answer to her text.

At the East Side Bar waiting for Josh, she's picked up by a geeky guy. Liza sets him straight with a "my daughter just came home from college and I'm in my 40s" blow off line.

When Diana bites into a piece of Bobby Flay's peppercorn shrimp, she chips her tooth. Or her veneer fell off. OMG. Flay walks up and goes to call his dentist as he knew exactly what happened. That's kind of a foul.

At the bar, Liza is fighting for Josh's stool. Then he says he can't make it work. Oh no!

The dentist is gorgeous and she and Charles begin to flirt. Good lord.

Liza decided that "Can't make it work" means he can't make it work. Period. But something tells me that's not what it means at all. Over reaction is what I'm sensing.

Diana really loves it when Dr. Sarkisian calls to check on her tooth and wants to be transferred to Charles. She transfers her to Time Warner Customer Service.

Caitlin can't wait to show Liza something. A tattoo. From the hottest guy.

Liza and Josh make up with Caitlin watching through the window. It's hard to tell if she's as cool with it as we expected her to be.


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Younger Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Wow. If she was OK with the sex change, maybe this won't be such a big deal.


It's like Goodnight Moon for adults. With blow jobs!