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She gives her mom hell when she gets back. In fact, she says the idea of Liza with Josh is the grossest thing she's ever heard.

She even leaves to stay with her dad for a few weeks because it's getting awkward around here.

When Liza kicks ass at 90s trivia and another chick wonders why, Josh screams, "She's 40!"

But there's no sex tonight because Josh has whiskey dick.

Kelsey stayed up all night reading sick lit books and thinks she has cancer. But has Thad ever had whiskey dick? No, but he's had coke poke. He goes on and on and can't finish.

Kelsey's author who just signed with a new publisher wants her help with a story. It's about cancer, and she just finished all the sick lit. He wants her to go with him rather than going back to Empirical.

Liza is worried Josh is focused on her age.

The competitive offer for Kelsey is really good, but she doesn't want to leave Empirical.

Josh tries to tell his friends why he and Liza broke up and got back together. She was allergic to his cat, but it died when it ate bleach and they got back together didn't really work out as well he hoped.

Liza takes the Hillenbrand manuscript over to Charles' place. It's a little bit awkward. Then he wonders if she knows anything about someone trying to poach Kelsey. She tries to tell him Kelsey would like to feel valued as an editor in her own right and not as a promoted assistant.

Maggie has Lauren at home, naked. She has terrible advice for Liza, which at least gets her to admit to Josh she's not going to do all the things Lauren things she should do to Josh's penis.

When Kelsey goes to Charles, he offers her her something. Not money, because he can't match it. But her own imprint for millennial by millennial. So, just as Liza was about to come clean with Kelsey, the lid is back on her secret.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Josh: She's 40!
Liza: Hey! Easy with the F word, sweetie.

Liza: Can you believe it? We finally get a night together.
Josh: And they're really good about checking IDs, so we don't need to worry about your daughter showing up.