Charles and Liza promise - Younger Season 7 Episode 12
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Liza and Charles get back together and promise each other no more secrets.

However, Liza later learns Kelsey wants to leave Empirical and take Inkubator with her.

Liza wants to stay at Empirical and promises not tell Charles.

She later confides in him that Kelsey is leaving and had sent out an Inkubator proposal for valuation.

Charles says he already knew about it and was testing Liza.

They both then realize that they're not going as a couple, as Charles doesn't trust Liza.

Charles then decides to go to a writers' retreat to finish his novel and names Liza as Empirical's new editor-in-chief.

Kelsey decides to leave Empirical and breaks up with Rob after he wants a piece of the pie.

Reese Witherspoon's company decides to invest and Kelsey will be moving to Los Angeles.

Maggie and Cass grab dinner, and as Maggie heads for the subway, Cass kisses her. 

Lauren wants to rekindle her relationship with Max but learns her ex-boyfriend is engaged to a guy.

Lauren is OK being their third.

Josh buys the apartment building, and the door is left open for him and Liza at the end of the episode about getting back together.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Kelsey: This is our moment. We are going to leave Empirical and start Inkubator. Azalea is going to come with us. I already talked to her after the meeting.
Liza: Wait, shouldn’t we at least give Charles the chance to match any offer? Use the leverage to keep it in house.
Kelsey: Liza, you know how frustrated I’ve been at Empirical. We both have. And I can't imagine how it’s been for you, working beside your ex and seeing him with someone else.
Liza: That’s the thing. Charles and I are finding our way to back to each other.
Kelsey: What? How? When did this happen?
Liza: It just did, and I know it seems crazy, but I’m in love with him, and love this company. It has given me everything, Kels. I can’t leave, but I understand that you have to. This app is all you. You have risked so much to make it happen. You deserve to fly.
Kelsey: What does this mean for us? We’re gonna be competitors? I don’t want to lose you like I lost Zane.
Liza: Kelsey, when we met, you said you had my back, and I never forgot it. So believe me when I tell you I’ll always have yours.

Charles: I know our paths have been rocky, and it’s taken us a while to get here…
Liza: You don’t have to explain anything.
Charles: I just know what makes me happy, and to pretend anything would be just lying to myself.
Liza: I think I’ve told enough lies for the both of us.
Charles: Only the truth from now on. Even if it hurts.
Liza: Only the truth.