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The crew finds their way to Mt. Weather, and search for the President in order to help in their search to stop the black rainbow.

Warren finds an ID and they enter the facility. They come across Z members of the cabinet and mercy them.

The crew is accosted by 2 Secret Service agents, but are stopped by the new President.

The new President tells the crew Mr. Sunshine cut her thumbs off a few days earlier.

The new President tells Warren they need the thumb of the man who was President during the outbreak. The problem? He is a Z still in Mt. Weather.

The President shows the crew a videotape about The Black Rainbow. Black Rainbow uses drones to cover the Earth with flesh eating bacteria to kill anything left alive.

The crew goes down 25 floors to search for President Carney, the man who was in power during the outbreak.

While the rest of the crew searches for Carney, Warren is separated from the group.

Warren finds Carney taped to a chair, and wheels him around until she is reunited with the crew.

The President stops Warren from taking Carney, saying that she is part of The Reset, and will join the Founder at Zona.

Sarge shoots the President, and in the chaos the 2 Secret Service agents were also killed.

Warren has another vision, and tells the crew they are headed for Washington, DC.

The crew arrives in DC.

Warren finds the location from her latest vision.

Warren finds the command center for the Black Rainbow. 

Mr. Sunshine puts Zs in the way to stop Warren.

Warren walks over to a control panel.

In flashbacks, we see Dr. Teller instructing Warren on what to do, which involves substituting the cylinders containing a cure for the flesh eating virus to be sprayed by the drones. 

Warren tells the crew she must go alone to change the cylinders in the drone.

She fights Mr. Sunshine, knocks him out, and attempts to change the cylinders.

Warren installs the cylinders, but is knocked out by Mr. Sunshine when she leaves the drone. She has another flashback, in which Teller and The Founder tell her she is in fact the trigger to start the Black Rainbow.

Murphy tries to rescue Warren, but Mr. Sunshine fights him. Murphy hits him with a cylinder, and gas covers them both.

Warren goes inside the drone to substitute an different cylinder, but gets trapped inside as it takes off. The crew watches the drone spread the Black Rainbow. Murphy appears, his skin fiery red.

The episode ends with the drone spiraling to the ground, and Warren screaming.



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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Murphy: Wow! My mind is officially blown!
Doc: I told you Bigfoot was real!

Eaten by your own Secret Service detail. That's some messed up shit.