Where I'm going, no one can follow.


I'm the Reset.


Murphy: Wow! My mind is officially blown!
Doc: I told you Bigfoot was real!

Eaten by your own Secret Service detail. That's some messed up shit.


Black Rainbow, when 3 strikes isn't enough.

Government Scientist

Citizen Z: Black Rainbow is a biological weapon of mass destruction. It's a fourth strike weapon meant to kill anything left after an all out nuclear war.
Warren: The Reset. That's what Zona was working on. Killing everything so that THEY could start over. That must be what black rainbow is.

I think I know whose kid this is. It's Dr. Teller's kid.


Sarge: You sure this Dr. Teller's a good guy?
Murphy: They were trying to cure the zombie virus, instead this happened.
Doc: Thanks, science.

It's a puppy!

Jay Z

10K: I just wish I knew if Red was still alive.
Doc: Well, maybe she'll be waiting for us in Newmerica. Wouldn't be the first time she came back from the dead.

Oh crap. Not this place again!


Negativity is infectious, man. Like a virus.


Z Nation Quotes

Citizen Z: I need to speak to Lt. Hammond.
Addy: Hammond's dead.

You're looking at the only human to survive being bitten by a zombie.