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The crew is walking along with Warren, hoping to uncover the black rainbow mystery.

They top a hill and find themselves back at Mercy Labs, where they first encountered Dr. Teller.

At Camp Northern Light Citizen Z fights a mad Z while Kaya researches black rainbow.

As the crew enters into Mercy Labs, they have flashbacks about their last encounter there. 10K remembers when he first met Red and 5K.

Doc and 10K discuss Red. Doc tries to encourage 10K about her fate.

Warren's visions kick in and she explores the interior of Mercy Labs alone, walking away from the group.

Kaya and Citizen Z take on the Mad Z and eventually kill it.

10K follows Warren, catches up to her, and helps her get into a secret lab.

Warren robotically opens multiple locks, gaining entry into a huge metal container.

The crew finds a glass container, and inside is Dr. Teller's son, encased in amber, with a bullet would in his forehead.

A Z interrupts Warren and 10K, and a fight ensues. Warren falls, and comes out of her trance. Once the Z is killed, Warren asks 10K to hit her hard in order to bring the visions back. He does, and it works. 

Warren opens the container, and takes out another cylinder.

Warren and 10K rejoin the crew, and debate whether or not to cut the life support for Teller's son in order to communicate with Camp Northern Light.

Warren orders them to cut the power in order to get info about black rainbow, citing the greater good.

Camp Northern Light tells Warren that black rainbow is a biological weapon of mass destruction to kill everything on earth. That is The Reset Zona spoke of. Their last hope is to go to Washington and change the codes to stop the launch of black rainbow.



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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

10K: I just wish I knew if Red was still alive.
Doc: Well, maybe she'll be waiting for us in Newmerica. Wouldn't be the first time she came back from the dead.

Oh crap. Not this place again!