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Jamie decides to call animal control about the cats in the trees. Mitch tries to logically explain the behavior of the cats, but Jamie insists that what's happening is strange. While Jamie fails at explaining what's happening to animal control on the phone, Mitch thinks he's found the explanation... there is Honeysuckle on the trees. Honeysuckle, to cats, is like catnip. The cats jump from the tree, and run away, each returning to their respective homes, to their owners.
Jackson is still in prison, and trying it convince his holding officer to help him shut down the safari camps. Jackson talks his way out of his cell, but cannot convince the officer to shut down the camps. The officer tells Jackson that the only reason they thrive is because of the lions, and the tourists that the lions bring. Jackson finds Chloe, who is on her way back to France, and he wants her phone number. Chloe misinterprets, thinking Jackson is hitting on her, when in reality, he knows there will be a formal investigation into what happened with the lions. Chloe is embarrassed, and begins giving Jackson her phone number, just as Jackson receives a call... from Abraham.  
Jackson and his officer are out in the safari, looking for Abraham. Jackson finds a trail, and fresh blood, which leads right to Abraham, still alive, in a tree. The lions aren't happy, and they stalk slowly towards the group, but stop, and let them drive away. Why aren't the lions pouncing? A doctor, who also happens to be Jackson's mother, sees Abraham, and tells Jackson that he'll be ok. Jackson asks her why the lions didn't maul Abraham... it doesn't make sense. The lions should have mortally wounded him, but they it's like they consciously chose not to. Daniel bring Jackson his Robert's tapes. In this particular tape, Jackson's father uses an  experiment to show that animals are not afraid of man when they realize that they can fight back.
Jamie won't give up on her theory that Reiden Global is to blame for the odd animal behavior. She's doing research on her laptop when her landlord's son slips an eviction notice under her door. Distracted by their conversation, Jamie doesn't see that her computer is being hacked...but by who? Jamie goes to Mitch's class to tell him that she's made a breakthrough in her research. Chemical 24D is being used by Reiden Global in food for zoo animals, and also in pesticide that has been sprayed all over town. Could this be a breakthrough? Mitch questions Jamie's hatred of Reiden... why her hatred is so firm for the company. Jamie tells Mitch that Reiden ruined her hometown. Mitch says that he can run some tests on the lions to see if the chemical has affected their brains. They head to the zoo to examine the lions again, but unfortunately for Jamie, the lions who attacked have been destroyed, so Mitch cannot run brain tests on them. Jamie shows jealousy over the zoo worker that seems to know Mitch.
Chloe is headed back home when she suddenly has a nightmare about the lions. She receives a call from Nathalie, but refuses it. Chloe returns to work... it turns out she is an investigator in France. Nathalie won't take no for an answer and shows up at Chloe's office. Chloe tells her that she doesn't know what was worse: being attacked by lions or finding out that her sister slept with her fiance.
Jackson asks Abraham what happened. Abraham recounts the story... he thought that he was going to die, and he had made his peace with it. The lion bumped Abraham on the head, and dragged him away. Abraham thought he was meant to be food for the lions. They dragged him into the tree, and left, hiding until Jackson came to rescue him. Jackson thinks that the lions wanted him to find Abraham. Remembering his father's video, he thinks that the lions were using Abraham to spread their message: they're not afraid of man anymore.
Jackson confesses to his mother that he thinks Robert may have been right. He only has 5 of his father's flash drives with the manifesto...there are 7 more, and he needs to know where they are. The doctor shuts Jackson down. She says that his father was delusional, and that his theories were dismissed. Jackson still can't shake the feeling that his father was on to something.
While examining the bodies of the lion attack victims, Jackson's mother discovers that the lions have killed these victims unconventionally. The lions purposely killed these people so that they would die a slow, painful death. Jackson's mother now sees that there may be merit to what Jackson has said... Robert's tapes might have been right. She gives him an address in Tokyo where he'll find the rest of Robert's tapes. Jackson is a lot like his father, and if there is a chance that Robert was right, then Jackson will be the only one who can stop the animal attacks. As Jackson is getting ready to leave for Japan, Abraham insists on going with him. He won't take no for an answer.
Mitch runs the brain tests on a baby lion... as he begins, he tells Jamie that he went to med school, but quit when he realized he'd have to deal with people. He opted to work with animals instead. The test shows that the lion's brain's hyper gamma frequency is high. Strange, because lion's shouldn't have hyper gamma frequencies. The lion wakes up at 10:00 pm. Mitch calls his friend, the zoo keeper, to ask if he can give a higher sedative dose to the lion. The zoo keeper tells Mitch that there is a crisis. All of the lions are howling. The howling started at 10:00 pm. Mitch is astounded. He tells Jamie that he thinks the lions may be communicating to each other, long distance.
In Slovenia, a couple who've just adopted a young boy ask that the dog he is petting in the lobby be removed. Though the front desk insist that the dog is harmless, he is removed anyway. The couple asks the little boy what he'd like to do the next day... he wants to go see tigers at the circus. The little boy is enchanted by the tigers, while his new mom isn't as dazzled. She thinks it's wrong to force them into their act. The tigers finish their act, and the boy disappears. He sneaks out back, where the tigers are being held captive. The little boy shows no fear, walking directly to the tigers. His parents stop him, and buy him a stuffed tiger souvenir. The little boy is playing happily with his new toy back at the hotel, when the dog from earlier steals his stuffed tiger. The dog runs off into the street, baiting the father to chase him. The father continues to follow the dog to an abandoned alley, full of cages. The father picks up the stuffed tiger, and turns to see several mauled dead bodies...and a pack of dogs that is mad.
Back at the hotel, the little boy is practicing saying “Mama” and “Dada” when the dog knocks on the door, and brings back his stuffed tiger. He jumps on the bed, and sits comfortably next to the boy, as his mother looks on, uncomfortably.
Chloe is leaving work, headed home, when a man approaches her, and says that he needs her help. He tells her that he knows what happened to her in Africa, and that he believes it is connected to several dog attacks in Slovenia. He tells Chloe that she is uniquely fit for this investigation, and that she needs to go with him now... the fate of world hinges on it.
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Zoo Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

This entire town, this entire region exists because the people want to see the lions. 

Captain Kavimba

Those lions did what lions do, they acted...liony.