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In Slovenia, Gaspard and Chloe enter a morgue where we see the body of the man who was adopting the little boy from last week's episode. He's been mauled and killed. Gaspard wants Chloe to help him investigate the mystery of the animals, but she is hesitant because of her fear after being attacked in Africa.
Jackson and Abe arrive in Tokyo. Abe wants to participate in some pleasure activity, but Jackson stays on track, and takes them to an address of a woman who knew Robert Oz. The woman, Minako Oz, met Robert six years prior, and fell in love with and married him. She was fascinated by Robert's work on animal behavior. After he was fired from his career at Harvard, she encouraged him to continue his work, and funded him with money from her family. She was with him through his breakdown. Minako assumes that because Jackson has come to find her that he must need something.
Jackson begins to recount his story of the lions from Africa, and tells her that he needs his father's research. She tells Jackson that the “awakening” has begun. She wants to help him, but she doesn't have Robert's research anymore. He moved it to a lab where he conducted his final experiments. Jackson and Abe are off again, this time with Minako She's taking them to Fukushima, the radiation filled island, and explains to them that Robert became paranoid in his final years, and that he began to hide his findings and keep things in codes. She instructs Jackson and Abe that they need to monitor how much radiation they take in. He felt that the island was his “Ghost of Christmas Future”. He felt like he finally understood why the animal behavior was changing.
Suddenly, a swarm of high flying bats attack the small plane, and it crashes into the water. Jackson and Abe survive, as the wreckage washes ashore, and work to save the others who were on the plane with them, but are unsuccessful. Everyone, including Minako, is dead.
Jamie is stalking Mitch, showing up at the coffee shop he frequents in the morning. He doesn't know if he should be scared or flattered. She wants to bring up charges against Reiden Global with a senator from her hometown, but Mitch disagrees. He doesn't think their findings are concrete enough to bring about charges against the company. Jamie threatens to go without him, and find another partner. Mitch reluctantly agrees to go with her. Jamie and Mitch arrive in New Orleans. When Jamie attempts to pay for a rental car, her credit card is declined, and Mitch realizes that Jamie no longer works for the newspaper, and that this trip has nothing to do with business. Mitch wants to leave and fly home, but Jamie convinces him to stay and meet with the senator with her.
In Biloxi, in a prison, Evan Hartley is reciting bible verses, and getting dressed. He is on death row, and about to be killed tomorrow evening. There's something off with Evan. He has the defiant pupil, the same wiggly eye that Jackson saw in the lion. The prison warden doesn't want to hear anything the Evan has to say, and sends him off. Evan looks out the window, and sees a wolf standing in the prison yard. They share a moment, and Evan leaves the warden, saying that it's time to make amends.
Chloe and Gaspard are in Slovenia, searching the alley where the dogs brought their victims. Gaspard encourages Chloe to figure out why the victims were chosen. Their bodies were in varying states of decomposition, so what took so long to discover them? Chloe puts the pieces together. The victims weren't missed because the dogs targeted them, visitors and tourists to Slovenia who wouldn't be missed. Chloe goes on to tell Gaspard that if a human had murdered all of those people it would be a sign of them honing their skills. But in this case, it doesn't make sense. Why are the dogs honing their skills? What is the purpose of them becoming more efficient murderers? Gaspard agrees. This is why he needs Chloe's help.
Jackson and Abe go out onto the island in search of Robert's research compound. Abe is certain that they can make it there and back before a rescue plane comes to get them. Jackson's mind is on the bats. How do bats fly 5,000 feet higher than they should be able to? Is it the radiation from the island? The radiation monitor that Minako gave to them on the plane is still working, conveniently. They head to the compund. Jackson laments Minako dying. She stood by his father, when everyone, including he and his mother, did not, and he wanted to thank her. What if they were all wrong? What if he wasn't crazy, but on the verge of an extraordinary evolutionary breakthrough in animal behavior?
In prison, Evan continues to recite scripture as a woman arrives to speak to him, so that he can make amends before he dies. The warden meets her at the gate, and the wolf is watching. Evan says it is God's will that he meet with this woman, Mrs. Blanchard whose husband Evan murdered. Evan goes on to tell her than he wasn't always like this, lusting and craving. He saw her husband and his friends on a hunting trip, and watching men celebrate murder of animals made it easy for him to kill him. It seems that Evan did this regularly... it was his nature. Mrs. Blanchard demands to leave, and Evan goes outside for his final walk. He again locks eyes with the wolf. 
Jamie brings Mitch to her mother's grave. Her mom got cancer, and died. Soon after, 26 others died. Reiden Global swept through her farm town, and were gone before they could make a case of it. Jamie asks Mitch if he has family. He does, but they're not close. Jamie wanted to show Mitch this town, to prove to him that she isn't crazy. She has a purpose. When they reach the senator, he is not surprised to see Jamie. They've been fighting Reiden Global for a while now, but with Mitch's research on the lion's new communication skills Jamie is convinced that they can finally get them. The senator tells Jamie that he cannot fight with her anymore. Reiden Global is too powerful. Mitch and Jamie leave. They head to a bar, where Jamie wants to drown herself in alcohol. Jamie confesses to Mitch that she was awful to her mother, and embarrassed by her cancer. That's why this fight with Reiden is so personal; it's Jamie's way of making amends. She leaves the bar to make a phone call, when Mitch is approached... by Gaspard. Gaspard tells Mitch that this is a matter of urgency, just as he did with Chloe. Gaspard somehow knows about Mitch's research on lion's communication. He agrees to help him, so long as Jamie helps as well.
In Japan, Jackson and Abe reach the compound, and are greeted by horses whose eyes have been gauged out, presumably by Robert. Jackson figures out that Robert came here because of the radiation. He realized that the radiation would change the animals behavior faster, and the entire island could act as his petri dish. They find an old video of Robert with the horses, and Robert has aged... and Abe sees it in the horse. The defiant pupil. As the pupil lasts longer in the horses, they get stronger, and more aggressive. Jackson has a theory; the eyes are the window to the soul. What if this defiant pupil is a mutation that is allowing the animals to see the world in a new way, a friend is now an enemy? Jackson thinks his father may have removed their eyes to remove that defiant pupil. Abraham realizes that it is quiet, and that the radiation meter has stopped working. They hear a helicopter, and run after it, where they are greeted by Gaspard. There's no time to explain. They need to trust him and leave with him.
As Evan walks, the warden walks Mrs. Blanchard to her car, and says it's a damn shame that Evan's got to get murdered, wrongfully assuming that Mrs. Blanchard is his wife. Just then, the wolf attacks the warden, mauling him. A pack of wolves enter the prison through an open gate, and head to the kitchen where they start a fire. The fire spreads throughout the prison, and the wolves go on to attack the prisoners as the fire continues to burn. Evan alone, escapes the devastation, making eye contact with the wolf, dominant pupils aligned, and the wolf howls.
Gaspard has brought together Mitch, Jamie, Abe and Jackson in Tokyo. Gaspard introduces a man named Delevane who explains why they are there. Over the last 3 weeks, the four of them have become aware of the animals changing. Gaspard shows them videos from around the world. It wasn't just lions or dogs. Rhinos and bears have also attacked. Separately, Delavane says that these attacks wouldn't have made sense. But together, based on Robert's research, it has arrived. The animal apocalypse. Mitch has heard of Robert Oz, and thinks he's a crackpot. But Delavane insists this is it. He brings in Chloe, which surprises Jackson, and tells the group that she is in charge, acting as his proxy... he needs the five of them to work together and find out what is going on, before its too late.


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Zoo Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jamie: I know I shouldn't have lied to you, but I did it for a good reason.
Mitch: That's the problem with you. Your good reason barometer is on the fritz.

This was not humans, but dogs. What purpose would it serve them to be more efficient murderers?