Stopping the Beacon - Zoo
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While everyone is in distress about the nest threshold, Mitch makes a decision. After said decision, he tells Dariela to get Abe. They should run until the road goes no farther.

The St Louis beacon just went off. What did Mitch do???

A cloud of dust appears to be chasing Jackson and Sam while Abe and Tessa watch.

Mitch says they can handle the fallout of the impending storm of hybrids because of the barrier. That doesn't account for him asking his pals to run.

There are about 25 people on top of the barrier pissing into the wind, shooting fish in a barrell, whatever else you want to call it. It's pointless.

Mitch just needed to buy some time to reverse engineer the beacon.

Chloe won't leave Sam anyway. Jackson hasn't shared his glorious news with the group yet.

OK. Now he's sharing it. With Abe, who had the sense to be skeptical since the news came from Abigail.

Stuff, stuff, stuff.

Jackson and Tessa try to approach the beacon to turn it off because they're the only two capable people in an actual army of people. It turns out Jackson has made it farther than SEALS in full protective gear, so that's awesome.

Outside the barrier, the soldiers are screaming like sad screaming soldiers as they are picked off one by one (or hey, maybe in groups) by the hybrids.

The dude from Battlestar Galactica takes out all the other able bodied men to attack. So they'll all die, too.

Jackson is playing in a very cool wind machine on his way to the beacon.

A dog is killed by a razorback while valiantly fighting and it's horrific. After that, it's hard to care when Dariela and Abe are attacked. They survive, after all.

Logan is transporting Clem and barrier baby, named Samuel aka Baby Sam during the drive.

When Clem asks where Sam is, Logan unwisely shoots out the windshield when they're attacked by a pack of hybrids. He's plucked out of the humvee and killed. When Clem gets behind the wheel, Abinormal smashes her head on it. Uh oh.

Jackson is still struggling with the wind machine, but he has the electrical plug in hand. He worked sooooo hard for absolutely nothing. Beacon access was denied.

Jackson galls down and something is happening with the beacon and Tessa was screaming and Mitch does something and there is a big wave.

The hybrids begin retreating and Tessa makes it to Jackson.

He wants to get something back to the igloo.

The IADG guy with the dog is rightfully standing by his fallen soldier, honoring him. But because this is Zoo, the dog woke up and killed him. It's so unfair.

When Clem returns, everyone begins fighting because Logan is dead, the baby is in the wind and it's all a mess.

Abigail wants her hybrids to run free. That's all she wants in return for the baby. Easy peasy!

Jackson decides to make that happen without discussion using the same logic Mitch used earlier when he sent barrier baby away.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

You can't fire long-range missiles at those things. The loss of life will be astronomical.


North America is safe now, but none of that will matter if we exceed the nest threshold. That's game over for everyone.