When you watch Zoo Season 1 Episode 10, you'll follow the Zoo Crew to Clearwater Florida, as they break into a zoo to free animals for an activist group, FARM.

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On Zoo Season 1 Episode 10, the Zoo Crew heads to Clearwater, Florida to meet Jackson's old friend Ray Edicott, who has the ability to get them safely to Africa. His price to do so is to assist him, and his activist organization FARM, in freeing animals from a local zoo. The team reluctantly agrees, though they all have a bad feeling about it. Abraham voices his concerns about Ray at every moment, but Jackson trusts him. Abraham thinks that Jackson is making rash choices, just as Robert Oz did before he descended into his crazy chaos. While Jackson ponders that thought, Chloe assures him that he is making the best choices possible for their circumstances. She trusts and has complete faith in Jackson. Mitch needs an electroporator in order to make a cure with the leopard DNA and the Mother Cell. When the Crew breaks into the Clearwater Zoo, Mitch is able to procure one, and packs it up to bring with them on their journey to Africa. Jackson and Chloe share a romantic kiss, but the timing is all wrong, as Brannigan is on their trail, ready to capture them. In an attempt to save Brannigan's life, Chloe misses her chance to get on the plane to Africa with the other members of the Zoo Crew.

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On Zoo Season 1 Episode 10, the Zoo Crew heads to Clearwater Florida in search of an electroporator and a way to Africa. They'll find both, but at what cost?

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jackson: Let's go to Clearwater.
Mitch: Why? I mean, never in the course of human events has Clearwater, Florida ever been the solution to anything.

He's not crazy, he's just...not un-crazy.