When you watch Zoo Season 1 Episode 9 Online, you'll find the Zoo Crew struggling with the realization that they man who brought them together is actually the enemy.

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On Zoo Season 1 Episode 9, you'll follow the Zoo Crew as they deal with Mitch's betrayal for the sake of saving his daughter's life. The team will needs to forgive him quickly, because he reveals an even bigger betrayal ahead of them. Delavane, the man who brought Jackson, Chloe, Abraham, Jamie, and Mitch together to stop the animal epidemic is actual the Head of Global Security for Reiden Global, and has placed a hit on them all. Brannigan is in Boston, searching for answers about the man he loved as a son, Agent Ben Shaffer, and demands to find out who is responsible for his death. That search leads him to Jamie and Chloe. They try to explain Shaffer's dirty dealings, but Brannigan is in disbelief. The Zoo Crew is ready to go public with the story of the animal epidemic, and Reiden Global's role in the attacks. Jamie contacts an old journalist friend to break the story, however, Reiden Global is far too powerful to ever let a story exposing them to ever be revealed to the public. Elsewhere in Boston, different species of birds are beginning to communicate in shrill tweets, and team up to attack, and kill, the innocent citizens of Boston.

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On Zoo Season 1 Episode 9, Mitch and Abraham find a terrifying army of birds while Jamie calls a journalist to expose the truth about the global animal problem.

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't speak spy, but it pretty much feels like game over.


Delavane: You're making a mistake.
Jackson: No we're not. You're the one making a mistake. See, we've got nothing to lose. You, on the other hand...when this is all gone, don't say we didn't give you a chance.