11 Fake Relationships That Got Real

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Fake relationships can be one of the most enduring things on television.

Two characters will pretend to be together, and one or both of them will end up falling for each other for real. 

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Watching them slowly, but surely realize their feelings is both fun and satisfying to see play out. 

We created a slideshow below of 11 fake relationships that got real!

1. Annie and Noah - Good Girls

Annie and Noah - Good Girls
Noah was an undercover cop pretending to date Annie so he could arrest her and her friends. He definitely didn't expect to actually fall in love with her during the process.

2. Teddy and Henry - Grey's Anatomy

Teddy and Henry - Grey's Anatomy
Teddy agreed to marry Henry so his surgery could be covered under her insurance. After a bit of time, the marriage becomes more real than she ever could have expected.

3. Chidi and Eleanor - The Good Place

Chidi and Eleanor - The Good Place
Chidi and Eleanor were paired together as soulmates, even though Eleanor was seemingly in The Good Place by mistake. They kept up the ruse so they wouldn't blow Eleanor's cover, but ended up falling in love with each other in every Good Place reboot.

4. Philip and Elizabeth - The Americans

Philip and Elizabeth - The Americans
Philip and Elizabeth posed as a couple for years in order to properly do their jobs. Time creates affection, and eventually, Philp and Elizabeth fell for each other hard.

5. Jesse and Rachel - Glee

Jesse and Rachel - Glee
Rachel's birth mom asked Jesse to get close to Rachel in order to plant a tape that would help bring them together. Even though he was originally faking it, he fell in love with Rachel for real and they end up married in the series finale of the show.

6. Jackson and Rocki - Fuller House

Jackson and Rocki - Fuller House
This one might be cheating a little, but it's in the same vein. Rocki and Jackson kiss to prove what a great kisser Jackson is, but they both end up genuinely enjoying it. In fact, it causes Jackson to fall for her hard.

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