17 Former TV Friends That Should Work Through Their Issues

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All different kinds of TV shows offer us a variety of friendships to go with it. But any friendship can have its issues throughout the years, and it might take time to repair that break.

Sometimes there is something within the plot itself that sets up for a divide.

That isn't always the case though, because sometimes a friendship feels like it no longer exists due to the show itself.

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There could be enough going on that there isn't time to pay a friendship the attention they deserve, often that bleeds into a divide all on its own.

Some issues between TV friends right now could even be fixed with a simple scene or two, reflecting back on what was instead of expecting the foundation to do all the work forever.

Here is a slideshow of a select few TV friendships that would make everyone's day if they just finally worked through their issues.

1. Alex and Michael (Roswell, New Mexico)

Alex and Michael (Roswell, New Mexico)
Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 ended with Alex waiting for Michael and their relationship remaining in limbo. At this point, fans would settle for a tangent friendship first, with potential romance down the line. Their connection is too strong to not have some kind of normal to get used to, so it would be great if Season 2 let them make up as friends.

2. Clarke and Everyone Else (The 100)

Clarke and Everyone Else (The 100)
Clarke is going to have it rough when The 100 Season 6 returns, with almost everyone in that group still harboring some issues with the lead. Having Bellamy in her corner helps, but Clarke starts out feeling most of the blame out of everyone and it wears down on her. There are valid reasons why some characters still need to work things out with Clarke, but the least the show could do is mend those fences at a reasonable pace because fans will struggle to watch her deal with the contained isolation.

3. Sabrina and Friends (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Sabrina and Friends (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
The second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 ended with some hope when it came to Sabrina and her friends, and yet it still deserved a place in this slideshow. The new episodes had some great content, but the separation between Sabrina vs. Roz, Theo, and Harvey was a bit too extreme. They were going through individual arcs, that doesn't mean that they can't work together when that was their established friendship when the show started out.

4. Betty and Kevin (Riverdale)

Betty and Kevin (Riverdale)
Call it nostalgia but there was something about Betty and Kevin's original friendship that Riverdale is now missing. This isn't the only friendship that deserves more attention so it feels like people are still friends, but this one hurts more.

5. Steve and Nancy and Jonathan (Stranger Things)

Steve and Nancy and Jonathan (Stranger Things)
Stranger Things Season 2 focused a lot on Nancy and Jonathan, too much if you ask some people. Their romance was underwhelming, and as much as we love Steve's new role, it would only benefit the show to integrate him back into this group too.

6. Rogelio and Michael (Jane the Virgin)

Rogelio and Michael (Jane the Virgin)
Michael just got his memories back, and he may still be different from the version we knew before, but it is time for him and Rogelio to get back in action. First stop? Pedicures.

7. Kat and Adena (The Bold Type)

Kat and Adena (The Bold Type)
Kat and Adena proved during The Bold Type Season 2 that they had a solid foundation between them, so why can't that remain a thing? They both need time to heal from this break-up, but there has to be room for them to someday still remain in each other's lives.

8. Josie and Hope and Lizzie (Legacies)

Josie and Hope and Lizzie (Legacies)
Hope being wiped from everyone's mind creates a small issue with this whole friendship option, and yet there is no way it won't be explored. The heart of the show always circles back at the relationships between the girls, so Legacies Season 2 exploring how to realign this core friendship would be entertaining, to say the least.

9. Dory and Drew and Elliott and Portia (Search Party)

Dory and Drew and Elliott and Portia (Search Party)
There's nothing like a murder to make a friendship show slight cracks, but there is still hope out there. There is that slight issue of Dory getting arrested, with someone from their inner circle probably to blame. Search Party Season 3 though has that chance to work on these four scheming and befriending each other all over again.

10. Clary and Alec (Shadowhunters)

Clary and Alec (Shadowhunters)
Shadowhunters don't take enough advantage over this tall and small friendship that they have going on. Alec and Clary have plenty to deal with in their personal lives, so there isn't time for a friendship to be the focus of the final episodes, and yet that is exactly the surprise fans should hold out for.

11. Chidi and The Main Group (The Good Place)

Chidi and The Main Group (The Good Place)
Chidi getting his memory erased kind of messes up the bonds he formed throughout the show, specifically with Eleanor but with everyone else as well. It was a nice twist but getting back to a time where everyone remembers each other would be great.

12. Dina and her Birds (Superstore)

Dina and her Birds (Superstore)
Since Garrett released Dina's birds there have been upsides to her life, she doesn't have to plan around them. But her birds were a staple to the show and to the character, and we all kind of miss the antics that came with that.

13. White Josh and Rebecca (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

White Josh and Rebecca (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
White Josh won't rest until Rebecca and Greg are married (to one another), and we won't rest until he is friends with Rebecca. Their dynamic is one of the many highlights of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that we will miss, so it is nice to imagine that in the future they figure out a way to be real and fun friends.

14. Alison and Hanna and Aria and Spencer and Emily (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists)

Alison and Hanna and Aria and Spencer and Emily (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists)
There is no way this will ever happen, but it is nice to dream about a day when all the main friends are on The Perfectionists together, even for just one episode. They seem to be close, at least with Alison, but offscreen just isn't the same. And especially with that Emily and Alison revelation, they need to be in the same room now more than ever.

15. The Main (Remaining) Group (The Magicians)

The Main (Remaining) Group (The Magicians)
Not that Quentin is no longer on the show, the group needs to collectively be together more than before. The way Margo, Eliot, Julia, Alice, Kady, and Penny relate to each other matters because of what it represents. In terms of plot obviously they need to be broken up in different corners, and yet it feels necessary for them to still find time to all be together for the sake of that connection.

16. Everyone in the Future (Arrow)

Everyone in the Future (Arrow)
The future for Arrow seems bleak, and that is, to say the least. Working together seems to be the issue for most of the characters, so think of the possibilities when they all come together again. Maybe the future will be a more promising place that fans would want to get to.

17. Tyrion and Bronn (Game of Thrones)

Tyrion and Bronn (Game of Thrones)
Those good all days are worth looking back on. Just look at this friendship and tell me you don't want Game of Thrones to circle back to it. They should get back to the same side this season.

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