11 Returning Summer Shows: Our Favorites

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From vampires to lawyers, oil tycoons to to cops on the beat, we compile our 11 favorite shows returning to TV this summer.  

1. Rookie Blue - ABC (Thursday 9/8)

Rookie Blue - ABC (Thursday 9/8)
McSwarek is finally back together. Traci and Steve look solid. Dov has Chloe, Gail has new hair. Newly single Nick is looking hotter than ever and straight-laced Chris is headed down a dark path in a drug addled state. It's going to be one hot summer at 15 Division and I'm enjoying every episode.

2. Dallas - TNT (Monday 9/8)

Dallas - TNT (Monday 9/8)
They left off with John Ross having a threesome, Pamela's life hanging in the balance, Sue Ellen passed out drunk, and Southfork burning. What's not to look forward to? August 18th can get her fast enough. - Christine Orlando

3. True Blood - HBO (9/8)

True Blood - HBO (9/8)
I'm all in for True Blood. #TruetotheEnd - Leigh Raines

4. Mistresses - ABC (Monday 10/9)

Mistresses - ABC (Monday 10/9)
It's soapy, summer fun with a gorgeous cast led by Alyssa Milano. The women are hot. The men are even hotter. It manages to make me laugh and yell at my TV with every hour. - Christine Orlando

5. Keeping Up With the Kardashians - E! (Sundays 9/8)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians - E! (Sundays 9/8)
It's summer! We need guilty pleasures and easy TV. - Leigh Raines

6. Suits - USA (Wednesday 9/8)

Suits - USA (Wednesday 9/8)
It's my favorite once again. Ostensibly it's about a bunch of lawyers, but it manages to tap into emotions that you wouldn't think would be possible from a lawyer show, because each character is explored and highlighted for their very different personalities. - Michelle Carlbert

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