11 Shows That Outwore Their First Season Welcome

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There are a lot of shows on the air that just shouldn't be there. Period.

A freshman run should be a solid one and for select shows, they are just horrific. Just look at CSI: Cyber. It's a mediocre show and the mothership got the pink slip to keep it on the air. 

One of the best cases shows being renewed when the shows were never good to begin with, are limited series. Remember when Under The Dome was touted as an "event series" that would conclude after Season 1? Yeah, the ratings said otherwise and it keeps getting renewed. 

Why have some of these shows made the cut and been renewed? We'll never know!

Have a look through the gallery and let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Under The Dome - CBS

Under The Dome - CBS
CBS had us fooled with Under The Dome. We were promised a one season mystery, which started off really strong. It really was a blockbuster for them, so they renewed it. The story was wearing thin by the second half of the season, so you can only imagine how absurd it is today.

2. Extant - CBS

Extant - CBS
This show is just plain bad. Nothing remotely interesting happens. You only have to look at the ratings trajectory the freshman run followed. The only good thing about it is Halle Berry, and that's not enough to make me tune in every week. Making it through Season 1 had me questioning whether the show was to be taken seriously.

3. Gotham - Fox

Gotham - Fox
Remember when we were all squealing with excitement at the thought of a young Batman live action series? Well, the show itself has focused more on the city of Gotham, which I understand. The intitial TV spots for the show really ramped it up to be about a young Batman, but it was more of a half baked soap set in the city that would one day have Batman protect.

4. CSI: Cyber - CBS

CSI: Cyber - CBS
The CSI franchise was long in the tooth before this spin-off appeared. In fact, it's now the only entry in the franchise still on the air and it's obviously not due to the quality of the show. Heck, even CSI: Miami is better than this. It boggles my mind why this show made it into a sophomore run, while Stalker got the pink slip.

5. The Following - Fox

The Following - Fox
The Following was never a great show, but it would have worked a lot better with a self contained mystery every season. The show was heavily criticised in Season 1, so it was pretty shocking that they tried to stick with the Joe Carrol storyline. Season 2 was a wasted opportunity.

6. Prison Break - Fox

Prison Break - Fox
Prison Break was a decent show, but it just felt like every single plot was being stretched into oblivion. It would have worked A LOT better as a one season show. It was ultimately dragged kicking and screaming to four seasons and a TV movie. FOUR. Please don't revive it.

7. The Carrie Diaries - CW

The Carrie Diaries - CW
The CW clearly realized their mistake of renewing this trash and kicked it to the kerb after the sophomore run concluded. Did anyone really think a show set in the 80's would be a hit with the target demographic of the channel? The writing was pretty bad. The only redeeming quality of this show is Annasophia Robb, and I'm happy that she can move on to other projects.

8. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Fox

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Fox
This show started off very strong. The storyline they set up was good for the most part, but as we approached the second half of the season it all fell apart. Storylines just were not meshing well and then it got even worse in the sophomore run.

9. About A Boy - NBC

About A Boy - NBC
About A Boy was an excellent movie, so the odds were always going to be stacked up against a TV adaptation. Even Minnie Driver couldn't save this mess. It was laugh-challenged and the jokes had been done to death in other so-called comedies.

10. Resurrection - ABC

Resurrection - ABC
Ever wanted to watch paint dry? You could do it every Sunday on ABC! Not much happened in Resurrection and when it did, it was plain boring. Viewers returned for Season 2, but it lost over half of them by the finale.

11. The Fosters - ABC Family

The Fosters - ABC Family
Remember when The Fosters debuted it was one of the best shows on TV? Well, the show imploded in the back half of the season and it ruined the majority of the characters forever. It's amazing how quickly you can go from loving characters, to hating them.

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