17 Characters Who Look Hot When Wet

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Most of us look like drowned rats when we get caught in the rain.

However, through the magic of television, these characters manage to look even sexier when they're soaked. Whether they're caught in a rain shower or stepping out of a literal one, it's more than enough to get our pulses racing.

Some of the sexiest and most romantic TV moments occur when the characters are drenched from head to toe. Check out our slideshow and let us know who looks the best sopping wet!


1. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Damon and Elena barely notice the rain pouring down around them as they share a super steamy kiss. Vampires don't get cold, but this one is hot enough to raise anyone's body temperature.

2. Beckett - Castle

Beckett - Castle
Beckett needed some time alone in the rain before finally realizing her true feelings for Castle. It didn't take much convincing for Castle to help her out of those wet clothes.

3. Mark - Grey's Anatomy

Mark - Grey's Anatomy
Mark Sloane sure knew how to make an entrance! Who can forget the scene that earned him his McSteamy nickname? It's almost hard to blame Addison for cheating.

4. Daryl - The Walking Dead

Daryl - The Walking Dead
When you're a survivor of a zombie apocalpyse, rain can be a literal life saver. Daryl sure looks sexy as he savors one of our most important resources.

5. Oliver - Arrow

Oliver - Arrow
Criminals don't take the night off when it rains, but neither does vigilante crime fighter Oliver Queen. Armed with his bow, he protects his city and looks great doing it! Lucky for him, the rain doesn't seem to affect his aim.

6. Leonard and Priya - The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Priya - The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Priya try to find some quality time in the shower. Unfortunately for them, they're interrupted by Sheldon. Fortunately for us, we get a glimpse of the sexy pair from behind the curtain.

7. Brody - Homeland

Brody - Homeland
Sure he might be a terrorist, but one look at his sodden face and it's hard to blame Carrie for falling for him.

8. Jeremy - Sports Night

Jeremy - Sports Night
When Jeremy shows up to meet his date at a bar in a downpour, he comes prepared with a raincoat and umbrella. There is definitely something sexy about a man who comes prepared, and something even sexier about a man who will chivalrously part with his umbrella for a woman.

9. Sawyer - Lost

Sawyer - Lost
Life on a "deserted" island is bleak, with primitive conditions and unfriendly inhabitants. However, with his sexy long hair and ever present stubble, Sawyer also looks desirable, even on the brink of execution in a torrential downpour.

10. Jess - Gilmore Girls

Jess - Gilmore Girls
When Rory was having trouble turning off the sprinklers while taking care of a neighbor's lawn, Jess comes to the rescue, getting drenched in the process. And we get to see this tempting troublemaker soaking wet, which is a good look for any sexy brooder.

11. Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black

Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black
Piper and Alex's relationship runs hot and cold, but when it's hot, it's scalding. It's not just the shower that's steaming up this bathroom.

12. Holder - The Killing

Holder - The Killing
Getting caught in the rain is a pretty standard occurence for residents of Seattle. That's not a problem for Holder who always manages to look sexy in his standard hoodie.

13. Angel - Angel

Angel - Angel
He may be facing a bleak outcome, but Angel knows he'll never stop fighting to save the world from the forces of darkness. As a vampire, he'll take the pouring rain over sunny skies any day, and we certainly don't mind!

14. Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights

Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights
Football is serious business in Texas, and a little, or in this case, a lot of rain is not going to deter Coach Taylor. Lucky for him, Tim's long hair looks even better when it's plastered to his neck!

15. Clark - Smallville

Clark - Smallville
Even Superman gets caught in the rain sometimes. Young Clark and his sexy bangs don't seem to mind.

16. Jane - Rizzoli and Isles

Jane - Rizzoli and Isles
Most women would not be thrilled to return home soaking wet to find a hot guy on her doorstep. Lucky for Jane, the rain only serves to make her even more gorgeous.

17. Ted - How I Met Your Mother

Ted - How I Met Your Mother
Ted's romantic side is hard to beat, especially when he makes it rain in order to keep Robin from leaving. His rain dance may look silly, but what girl could turn down a guy who successfully makes it rain for her?

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