13 Characters Who Need To Be Killed Off...Now!

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They started off with so much potential.

Maybe they were once your favorites before things took a bad turn.

Or perhaps they annoyed the heck out of you from the start.

We had really high hopes for some of these characters. Some have lost their way (anyone got a map to Vermont?) while others have just grated on our nerves week in and week out, and it's gone on too long.

Then there are the characters who simply need to be put out of their own misery...and ours.

Sometimes the death of one character can give a boost to the rest. Check out these 13 characters who need to be killed off...now!



1. Fitzgerald Grant - Scandal

Fitzgerald Grant - Scandal
Fitzgerald Grant: He's already survived one assassination attempt but maybe Fitz's time in office and on the show should be up. His romance with Olivia never seems to go anywhere and he really was kind of a controlling jerk when he moved her into the White House without consulting her. Fitz has trouble seeing past his own point of view and it's become tiresome. We've lost all hope of Fitz and Olivia finding Vermont but we wonder if the only way Olivia will ever be free is if Fitzgerald Grant is dead and buried. We're certain she'd do just fine without him.

2. Jimmy Palmer - NCIS

Jimmy Palmer - NCIS
Jimmy Palmer: We know he's got a wife and a kid now, but a little Jimmy goes a long way…and we've been exposed to way too much of Jimmy Palmer lately. His goofiness has gotten to be out and out annoying. NCIS is a show that doesn't seem to mind killing off regular characters and we think that perhaps Ducky should set aside a drawer for Jimmy.

3. Zelena - Once Upon a Time

Zelena - Once Upon a Time
Zelena (aka The Wicked Witch): The trouble here is that we want to like Zelena. She has potential but it just never seems to be realized. We had hoped that a baby would make her a little more human. Instead she went all in and sided with the Dark Ones. Regina may have banished her back to Oz but if Zelena never changes, perhaps it would be better if someone threw a bucket of water on her and the Wicked Witch were gone for good.

4. Theon Greyjoy - Game of Thrones

Theon Greyjoy - Game of Thrones
Theon Greyjoy: He's been tortured, castrated, humiliated, and brain washed. Honestly, on a show that's known for its brutality we just can't stand to watch any more. If Theon didn't survive that jump from the castle wall, we can't really say we'd be disappointed. At least he'd be out of his misery, and ours.

5. Vikram Singh - Castle

Vikram Singh - Castle
Vikram Singh: He started off Castle season 8 as a minor annoyance but oh, how we've grown to hate Vikram Singh. He's proven to be anti-Castle and anti-Caskett and it wouldn't surprise us if he's on the wrong side of this convoluted LokSat conspiracy. As far as we're concerned, a bullet to the head can't come too soon for Vikram.

6. Louis Canning - The Good Wife

Louis Canning - The Good Wife
Louis Canning: Other than the fact that everyone loves actor Michael J Fox, Louis Canning feels like more of an annoyance on The Good Wife than an asset. First he's on death’s door, then he makes a miraculous recovery. We're never quite sure who this guy is or what his motivations are. It seems that Canning is jammed into the script for reasons unknown and with so much talent in this cast already, we honestly wouldn't mind if he were gone for good and the show moved on without him.

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