13 Couples That Should Split Up NOW

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There are some couples on TV that are a breath of fresh air and then there are others who are just a complete waste of time. 

For every Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, there's a Ryan and Natalie from Quantico. 

We've compiled a list of couples that should totally call it quits and move on. 

Everyone has different favorite couples on the small screen, so there's bound to be some who won't agree. 

Why not hit the comments with your pick of couples who don't work that are not on the list? You know you want to!


1. Frank and Laurel - How To Get Away With Murder

Frank and Laurel - How To Get Away With Murder
Laurel and Frank may have a weekly steamy hook up that has us questioning why they got away with it on Broadcast TV, but what Laurel doesn't know is that Frank is a cold blooded killer and she's probably as expendable to him as Rebecca was.

2. Luke and Joanna - Heroes Reborn

Luke and Joanna - Heroes Reborn
They may be on the outs right now, but I'm not ruling out a reunion between them before the season concludes. Joanna has taken her husband on a brutal killing spree of all the evolved humans and it isn't exactly a healthy thing to do.

3. Mary and Francis – Reign

Mary and Francis – Reign
The show seems to want us to think they love each other, but it's glaringly obvious they don't. There is ZERO chemistry between them and Mary seems to always have her eyes on some other fool. With Francis dying this season, why not just let them stay apart until he goes?

4. Ryan and Natalie - Quantico

Ryan and Natalie - Quantico
Ryan and Alex may have been between the sheets 9 months ago, but whenever the show takes us to the present narrative, I get so close to switching the TV off. Who the frack wants to see Ryan and Natalie together? Ryan is hot, Natalie is not. Well, she is, but her personality is just horrid.

5. Hayley and Jackson - The Originals

Hayley and Jackson - The Originals
Jackson is a decent enough character, but he's standing in the way of Haylijah, so if he must leave, he'd be rendered collateral. We want to see Haylijah be totally together, but that isn't going to happen with Jackson in the mix.

6. Olivia and Fitz – Scandal

Olivia and Fitz – Scandal
These two have been through A LOT, but they've kind of gotten long in the tooth and I could care less if Fitz was even part of the show any more. Why not have him on the back burner and see how much better Olivia could do? It might stop the ratings fall.

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