13 Most Heartbreaking Moments From Nashville Season 5

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Brace yourself, there is a lot of pain in this post.

Nashville Season 5 gave us break ups, deaths, betrayals, and crime. These are things people deal with every day, and yet, they are some of the very worst experiences a person can deal with in his or her lifetime.

Nashville Season 5 tugged at our heart strings, sometimes yanking them right out of our chest. If you can handle it, read on, and re-live the most emotional moments of this past season.

Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments. What do you think was the saddest moment of season 5?

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1. Rayna's Death

Rayna's Death
This is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show's history so, of course, it had to be number one. Fans were shocked when Rayna died in Nashville Season 5 Episode 9. While she was able to survive an obsessive stalker, she couldn't overcome the car accident that happened just minutes later. Her family and friends gathered around her bedside to say tearful good byes to Nashville's Queen of Country.

2. Scarlett Loses Her Baby

Scarlett Loses Her Baby
As painful as losing a mother or wife can be, in my opinion, losing a child is worse because you're not only losing someone you love, you're losing someone that never even got a chance to experience that love or life. Scarlett will never get to hold her baby, to see her smile, or hear her laugh. She will forever wonder if she did something wrong and struggle with blame thinking she failed to keep her baby safe. She will always wonder if there was something she could have done differently; mentally torturing herself with what if's, and while Deacon, Maddie and Daphne will most likely do the same, at least they have countless memories of Rayna to ease the pain and provide some comfort.

3. Bucky's Goodbye

Bucky's Goodbye
Bucky has been a regular on Nashville since season 1. More importantly, he's been in Rayna's corner, supporting her unconditionally, from the beginning. So to see him get pushed out shortly after her death was incredibly sad. Bucky was family; everyone knew that, but Zack. He briefly returned two episodes later to advise Maddie on her single, so maybe there's hope for him yet. Only time will tell. Until then, thanks for the memories!

4. Gunnar & Scarlett Are Mugged

Gunnar & Scarlett Are Mugged
With everything that happened in Nashville Season 5, this was one of the things that surprised me the most. I know crime is random and senseless; perhaps that's why it feels so out of place. After Scarlett and Gunnar were held at gunpoint and robbed, they each responded with physiciality. Scarlett took a self-defense course and Gunnar beat the crap out of the kid that robbed them. Both routes seemed to aid in releasing anger and frustration and put the characters on the path to recovery.

5. Jessie's Backstory

Jessie's Backstory
Once upon a time, Jessie Caine was a star country singer married to another star country singer raising a blonde hair, blue eyed little boy. Somewhere along the way she suffered a down fall complete with adultery, divorce, and banishment. Now, she has returned to Nashville to redeem herself and regain custody of her son, Jake. But it won't be easy. Her ex-husband is manipulative, power-hungry and will stop at nothing to maintain his control over her. Still, she's standing up to him, and doing her best to protect her son. I'm excited to see more of her redemption in season 6.

6. Daphne's Homeless Friend, Liv

Daphne's Homeless Friend, Liv
Daphne made friends with a young girl named Liv. Liv was homeless and stayed with other homeless people in an abandoned warehouse. To see a young girl with no home or family was incredibly sad. The fact that it is probably very true to life just makes it worse. Homelessness is a serious problem. Too often people forget that kids suffer from it as well. I appreciate Nashville for shedding light on this issue, but I don't like the way it was so quickly resolved. While it's nice that Liv was taken in by a foster family, I don't think this is a realistic outcome for most homeless people. The issue was further cheated by the fact that it's outcome was barely mentioned by Deacon during a phone call that was actually about something else completely.

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