13 Terrifying TV Shows

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For the longest time, people sought out films at the movie theater to be scared out of their minds.

These 13 TV shows prove that television can be scary, too.

We're willing to bet at least one of them will raise the hairs on the back of your neck!

1. The X-Files (FOX)

The X-Files (FOX)
From aliens to conspiracies to so much more, the truth is out there. So is the fear factor. After a recent rewatch, what was the most terrifying about The X-Files was how much of the series leaned heavily into the government's actions (or inaction). The aliens seemed like pussycats by comparison. You can watch the full series on Hulu. (Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/FOX)

2. The Walking Dead (AMC)

The Walking Dead (AMC)
Zombies. Blood. Violence. Death. Who knew at the beginning of the franchise that the really terrifying aspect would be the humans left among the dead? There's nothing worse than an intelligent monster, and most of those are, unfortunately, of the human variety. You can watch The Walking Dead in its entirety on Netflix. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of AMC)

3. Black Mirror (Netflix)

Black Mirror (Netflix)
Technophobes beware. This one is for you. Black Mirror examines the horrors of life as technology infiltrates our everyday world. Technological advances blur the line between AI and humanity daily, and Black Mirror is here to show us the error of our ways. Black Mirror is available on Netflix. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of Netflix)

4. Harper's Island (CBS)

Harper's Island (CBS)
Harper's Island took us to the scene of a gruesome series of murders. It aired in 2009 and killed off wedding guests one by one. You know those shows that are just so good that you have to pinch yourself while watching? This was one of those shows. It was so good that you can't even find it on a streaming service. Illogical and painful. But you can buy it on Amazon or iTunes, so bright side? (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of CBS)

5. Supernatural (The CW)

Supernatural (The CW)
Supernatural. Come for the two attractive hunters. Stay for the shocking deaths and suspense, but more importantly, the mythology and the long-running recurring characters that give Sam and Dean Winchester purpose. There will never be another long-running show like it. Guaranteed. All 15 (FIFTEEN!!) seasons are available on Netflix. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of The CW)

6. American Horror Story (AMC)

American Horror Story (AMC)
Haunted houses. Murderous Nazis. Scary aliens. Vengeful witches. Circus freaks. The list goes on and on. Some seasons were far more successful than others, but you can, at the very least, count on being extremely uncomfortable while watching. All seasons are available to stream on Hulu. (Photo credit: Logo courtesy of AMC)

7. Hannibal (NBC)

Hannibal (NBC)
Hannibal may mess with viewer's minds more than any show in TV history. It lives up to and expands upon the novels and film history that came before it. A monster like Hannibal Lecter is unprecedented and unmatched before or since. All three (we're reminded of the unfairness of only three...) seasons are available to stream on Hulu. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of NBC)

8. The Exorcist (FOX)

The Exorcist (FOX)
Could TV do justice to the most frightening movie of all time? Yes! Running only two woefully short seasons, The Exorcist continued the battle against demonic possession with carefully crafted stories and some truly chilling moments. You can catch this gem streaming on Hulu. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of FOX)

9. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Things (Netflix)
A nostalgic homage to 80s horror and science fiction blends the supernatural, government conspiracies, and a group of kids facing terrifying creatures from another dimension. Each element on its own is scary enough, but when all wrapped together in one show, it's undeniably one of the best horror shows TV has ever offered. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of Netflix)

10. Channel Zero (Syfy)

Channel Zero (Syfy)
What's a pasta you don't want to eat? Creepypasta! The internet is filled with gloriously macabre minds, and this series is inspired by the best, bringing to life internet horror's origins in a truly unsettling anthology series. All four seasons are available on AMC+ and Shudder. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of Syfy)

11. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)
Mike Flanagan has a knack for bringing classic horror tales to life in stunning detail. The Haunting of Hill House was his first, introducing us to his eerie filmmaking style and a cast that morphs from series to series at his urging. Available on Netflix. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of Netflix)

12. FROM (Epix)

FROM (Epix)
Have you ever imagined getting lost and never finding your way back home? FROM examines that scenario as unwitting travelers veer to a creepy, otherwise abandoned town filled with monsters who want to do very bad things to you. As resources dwindle, the monsters aren't the only ones to fear. (Photo credit: Key art courtesy of Epix)

13. The Terror (AMC)

The Terror (AMC)
Was The Terror appropriately titled? Well, first, it was based on a book, so there wasn't a lot of wiggle room. But second, YES! The series adapts real-life historical events, bringing to light the truly savage reality that we live in -- especially when answers are few and far between. The first season (the best of the two) is available on AMC+ and Shudder. (Photo credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC)

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