13 TV Characters Who Need Some Major Lovin'

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You always want what's best for your favorite TV characters, even if they themselves don't realize what that is. 

It's no secret: the 2017-2018 TV season brought some very tortured and broken souls to the small screen. 

Instead of cute dates with bae, our favorites have been keeping control of Command, mourning the loss of broken relationships and marrying people for all the wrong reasons.

With so much love in the air this Valentine's Day, we hope some of these familiar faces can find some major (and much needed) lovin'.

They deserve it, dammit! 


1. Klaus Mikealson - The Originals

Klaus Mikealson - The Originals
Klaus is the anti-hero of the series, yet we still find ourselves rooting for him and his happiness time and time again. He's a tortured soul who will rain hell on his enemies, but he also means well for those he loves. In addition to losing Cami, he's now been torn from his siblings and daughter, Hope, by a ruthless curse. Will he ever just find love and acceptance? We hope Caroline can steer him in the right direction before the show ends.

2. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Olivia Pope - Scandal
Gone are the days of sweet and lovable Olivia Pope. Scandal Season 7 brought us a power-hungry political maven willing to ruin every relationship and destroy every last good thing in her ascend to the top. Ultimately, she made the right choice by resigning as Chief of Staff. With all this free time on her schedule will she find love? Or find her way back to Vermont?

3. Rebecca Pearson - This Is Us

Rebecca Pearson - This Is Us
Circa 1998. That's the year Rebecca lost perfect-husband Jack Pearson to a heart attack following smoke inhalation from the house fire. We know she eventually ends up marrying Miguel, but until then, we hope she finds some kind of comfort whether that be in a friend, a loved one or her children.

4. Antonio Dawnson - Chicago PD

Antonio Dawnson - Chicago PD
Antonio cannot catch a break. First, his marriage fell apart, then his relationship with Sylvie from Chicago Fire was torpedoed by complications with said ex-wife. His time on Justice was also cut short because the show flopped and he was forced to return to Intelligence, which initially was too "grim." And on his latest assignment, he was used by a fellow cop and forced to neutralize her. If anyone needs love, it's this dude.

5. Jughead Jones - Riverdale

Jughead Jones - Riverdale
Everyone has their fair share of troubles in the sticky town of Riverdale, but Jughead Jones takes the cake. I'm not sure if he's more conflicted about his position within the Serpents or with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Betty Cooper. And just wait till he finds out Betty and Archie had a moment and she lied to him about it. It will destroy him more than cleaning up that dead body. Can Juggy just catch a break?

6. Fallon Carrington - Dynasty

Fallon Carrington - Dynasty
It may seem like "it" girl Fallon has it all, but on the inside, she is so damaged by her childhood and parents. On top of it, she just found out she's being used by two people closest to her: her ex and business partner Colby and his sister and her longtime bestie Monica. When will Fallon realize she already has a soulmate in Culhane, who loves her unconditionally despite her flaws? Just give in to your happy ending!

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