13 TV Characters Who Should Take a Vow of Silence

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It is nothing personal but sometimes there are just those TV characters that get on our nerves or aren't working well on their show, and getting a silent break could go a long way.

These could be fan favorites, or they could be characters that no one particularly likes, but most of the reasoning comes from choices they made in the past.

There are currently several characters that fit the bill, some of them have made mistakes, and we need a breather from them.

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Then there are those that are just kind of bothersome, and the best thing for everyone is if they were quiet for a little bit to refresh our relationship with them. 

Here is a slideshow that highlights a few of those examples on our TV screens right now.

What TV characters would you suggest to take a vow of silence? 

1. Michael Cordero Jr. + Jason (Jane the Virgin)

Michael Cordero Jr. + Jason (Jane the Virgin)
Let me explain, Michael was great, but this new version of him is far from it. Now Michael may have gotten his memories back so that this Jason persona will disappear, but it could be worth taking a beat anyway. Michael has a lot to adjust to, and the last thing that will help is doing or saying anything rash.

2. Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

Jughead Jones (Riverdale)
Jughead can be entertaining, but he is also just annoying sometimes. This isn't a direct hit at the character; this can happen across the board on Riverdale. But for now, it feels like the right way to deal with our annoyance is to have Jughead take a little talking break.

3. Octavia Blake and Abby Griffin (The 100)

Octavia Blake and Abby Griffin (The 100)
Both Octavia and Abby had their self-destructive journeys in The 100 Season 5. But this isn't about them; this is more about how they impacted the people around them. Abby hurt the people around her, with Raven arguably getting the worst of it. Octavia formed a cult that forced her people into a pretty traumatic six years in that bunker, only for her to then start a war because of her inability to see that she was wrong. The best thing for both of them going into The 100 Season 6 is to talk less and listen more. The people around them are trying to communicate the issues they faced with them, and it might be time for Abby and Octavia to listen.

4. Jace Herondale (Shadowhunters)

Jace Herondale (Shadowhunters)
It is nothing personal, except maybe it is. Shadowhunters might be ending, but could Jace just, you know, not speak for a little bit? There is just something about distance making the heart grow fonder that we want to try out here.

5. Father Blackwood (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Father Blackwood (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
No one would disagree here, but Father Blackwood should still be given this lovely honor as a reminder. He brings about nothing but chaos and misogynistic fueled decisions wherever he goes. A vow of silence would be the least he could do after all the scenes we had to put up with so far.

6. Luther Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)

Luther Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
The Umbrella Academy recently ended with Luther mansplaining a lot and refusing to listen to his sister who almost destroyed the planet. It isn't the best memory to have of him, so it would be great for us to get some space from him when the show returns. But if it can't be Luther, then we will accept a vow of silence from Vanya instead.

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