13 TV Couples That Got Together Too Soon

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Getting a couple together too soon can be just as detrimental as getting them together too late.

While not all ships are slow burns, every couple should have some buildup to both grab the audience's attention and get them invested in the story. 

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Would you rather watch someone's journey to the peak of a mountain and the struggles they face getting there, or immediately start the story with them on top of the world?

We've created a slide show below of 13 TV couples who we think got together prematurely. 

1. April and Andy - Parks and Recreation

We actually can't say that the speed of their relationship was a bad thing. While they got married almost immediately, April and Andy were perfect for each other and stayed together the entire show. However, it would have been a bit more satisfying to build their relationship up even more.

2. Nico and Karolina - Marvel's Runaways

Does anyone else feel like Nico and Karolina didn't have enough buildup? Karolina was always into Nico, but Nico spent the first season figuring out her feelings for Alex. There should have been more scenes between the two before their kiss in the Season 1 finale.

3. Sutton and Alex - The Bold Type

This relationship was just full of wasted potential. If it was given the care and time it deserved, Sutton and Alex could have been a groundbreaking couple.

4. Nick and Jess - New Girl

This one's a little conflicting because it did take a couple of seasons for this ship to set sail. But it may have worked out better if they held off on the relationship until late Season 3 or Season 4. Besides a short seventh season, the second half of the show had little to no romance between the two because they got them together and broke them up so early on.

5. Kit and Grace - American Horror Story

We understand why Kit and Grace got together so early in the season but putting them together as quickly as they did still feels like a missed opportunity. The friends to lovers romance could've had a much stronger foundation if AHS would have held off on their rendezvous in the kitchen.

6. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

Their first kiss happened after they had known each other for less than two weeks, and they didn't see each other again for months after Lexa's betrayal. When they do reunite, they spend about another two weeks together, before Lexa's unfortunate death. The 100 should have spread it out and developed the relationship more, in order to give Clarke and Lexa the story they deserved.

7. Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

Getting Chuck and Blair together so soon left their relationship with nowhere to go but down. Gossip Girl is literally a show about drama and the series had too much time to create issues between them.

8. George and Callie - Grey's Anatomy

It was clear neither one of them were ready to be married, and especially not to each other. Needless to say, the relationship didn't work out.

9. Eretria and Lyria - The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria and Lyria were great together, which is why it feels like we missed out. Eretria's relationship with Amberle was so appealing in Season 1, because of the onscreen progress they made and the amount of development they had. Unfortunately, Eretria and Lyria got together over a time jump, and they were already in a committed relationship when Lyria was introduced.

10. Kimmy and Fernando - Fuller House

Maybe got BACK together too soon is the better term for this one. Fernando did cheat on Kimmy, but the two were ready to get remarried in the show's first season.

11. Stiles and Malia - Teen Wolf

Their relationship started when Stiles ran into Malia at Eichen House. Despite being on a time limit, they lost their virginity to each other that night and nothing about it really made sense. They were a couple for seasons ever since that first initial meeting.

12. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

Betty and Jughead became an item merely weeks after Riverdale started airing. The relationship definitely would have felt stronger and been more interesting if we had gotten to see what they acted like outside of their romance.

13. Max and Penelope - One Day At a Time

Max was a great love interest for Penelope and he was also a great guy in general. But the two got together the first episode we were introduced to him, and the audience could have been more invested in the relationship if there was some build up. But to be fair, we've been holding out for Penelope and Schneider to realize they're in love with their best friend. Someone, please save this show.

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