13 TV Couples That Were So Bad Together It Made Us LOL

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Television has produced some of the best romances in history. The type of relationships that make us cry, swoon, and believe in love. 

However, television has also seen its fair share of disaster couples. Two people who absolutely don't belong together in any sort of romantic way. While these couples don't exactly scream "true love," they do provide us with an endless amount of laughs.

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Most of the couples on this list were intentionally bad, meaning they weren't put together for romance, they were put together for comedy.

Yet, a few of the pairings weren't meant to be comical but ended up becoming an inadvertently hilariously, awful couple. 

Whether these terrible relationships were meant to be funny or not, one thing is for sure they all provided us with great entertainment. 

Which bad tv couple makes you LOL the most? Make sure to let us know in the comments. 

1. Kelso and Jackie - That '70s Show

Kelso and Jackie - That '70s Show
Let's start off with the inspiration for this list: Kelso and Jackie. The two melodramatic teenagers were the representation of terrible, unhealthy teen relationships. The only reason the two dated each other for as long as they did was that they were the two most attractive teens in Point Place. Kelso cheated on Jackie so frequently, and Jackie insulted Kelso on a regular basis.

It was clear from the getgo that these two were not meant to be, but they still managed to make us laugh every time they spoke to one another. Kelso and Jackie are the epitome of a toxic relationship but managed to make their awfulness hilarious. Fortunately, the actors who portray them make a much better couple in real life.

2. Michael and Jan - The Office

Michael and Jan - The Office
The Office thrived when it came to hilariously terrible relationships. For every Jim and Pam, there's a Michael and Jan nearby. Michael and Jan getting together was a terrible idea for both parties as soon as the two shared their first kiss. Michael was desperate for love, but what Jan provided wasn't anything close to love. Their super awkward attempt to host a dinner party was a perfect example of how disastrous they were.

Jan was next-level insane, and Michael took her abuse the best he could. Michael Scott had his faults, but it was obvious to everyone except him that Jan wasn't the right woman for him. While their relationship was uncomfortable for those who worked with them at the office, it was a bundle of laughs for everybody else.

3. Dan and Serena - Gossip Girl

Dan and Serena - Gossip Girl
This one didn't start out comical. Dan and Serena were actually quite adorable together on Gossip Girl Season 1.

However, as the show went on, their relationship continued to become more and more ridiculous. They became step-siblings at one point, went back and forth between loving each other and hating each other, and to top it all off it was revealed that Dan was Gossip Girl.

That's right, the guy Serena spent so much time with has been spreading and sharing all of his girlfriend's secrets. The ridiculous part was that she ended up marrying the weirdo.

Dan and Serena's relationship wasn't supposed to be funny, but each time they would fight and get back together it just got more ridiculous. By the time the two got married, Gossip Girl Fanatics couldn't help but laugh at how preposterous the two were as a couple.

4. Jonah and Dina - Superstore

Jonah and Dina - Superstore
This whole not really relationship was a joke that all Superstore Fanatics could not stop laughing at. Jonah and Dina didn’t officially date, but she had a massive crush on him for a long time and was always pursuing him.

Jonah accidentally ended up kind of dating her for a day because he was afraid of hurting her feelings. The stalker crush turned brief dating couple quickly came to an end after Dina kissed Jonah, and it was super awkward.

While the two were never meant to be end game, Dina did manage to provide us with a bundle of laughs due in large part to her obsession with poor Jonah.

5. David and Stevie - Schitt's Creek

David and Stevie - Schitt's Creek
Some people forget about this pairing, mainly because it was so brief, but also because the two make much better besties.

David and Stevie's chemistry is undeniable, but it was clear to everyone expect them that it was strictly platonic chemistry. To be fair, their hookup was a complete accident that happened after one drunken night.

Yet, the two decided to try being friends with benefits, and Stevie even developed feelings for David.

Things became awkward between them for a small amount of time, and David even ran away and lived in Amish country after Stevie confessed her feelings.

Their brief time together was messy and frankly pretty bad, at least for both of them. Their romantic time together was filled with some pretty humorous moments Schitt's Creek Fanatics are still LOLing about.

6. Joey and Rachel - Friends

Joey and Rachel - Friends
This colossal mistake of a pairing has been discussed ad nauseam. Ross and Rachel were by no means the perfect couples (that title belongs to Chandler and Monica), but it is evident from the start that they were endgame.

Rachel and Joey, however, were so random and nonsensical that it was actually quite funny. Joey turning into the romantic loveable goofball was a side of the usual playboy ladies man we never got to see before, and Rachel needed to take a break from her will they, won't they relationship with Ross.

Joey and Rachel's relationship added a humorous albeit strange dynamic to the show. They were never meant to be, and it was obvious that the two weren't a match. Their one week of dating became an entertaining punchline not only for Friends fans but for the show as well.

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