19 Characters Who Would Sacrifice Their Love Lives for the Greater Good

When a hero has to choose between saving the world or their love interest, love tends to win out. Believe it or not, there are some who chose otherwise.

17 Cute Color-Conscious Couples

It's 2019. Time to put that old fashioned way of thinking behind you. Here are a list of 17 of our favorite interracial couples. Did your favorite make the list?

17 Songs We Hear on TV Over and Over Again

Did you like that song you heard playing in the background of that TV episode? Hope so because it's likely you will be hearing that song again and again and again.

13 Romances Ruined By Age

"Age is just a number," isn't an excuse to root for inappropriate couples. We created a list of 13 ships we couldn't get on board due to an age difference.

13 Characters Who Ruined the Moment

Why do characters always have to walk in on our favorite couples at the worst moment? Check out 13 characters who interrupted the best scenes!

17 Kisses That Didn't Count

A kiss isn't always a kiss. In fact, they don't always mean what we want them to mean. Check out 17 onscreen kisses that happened for reasons other than romance!

21 TV Characters Who Are Crafty AF

Crafts will never die, and TV characters are on our screens doing their craft by whatever means necessary. Here are a few characters who knit, sew, bake, embroider, and woodwork on television.

23 Confessions of Love That Made Us Jealous

It is always a pleasure to see our favorite TV couples onscreen together, but there is something about love confessions that takes our emotional journey above and beyond.

31 'Ship Teases That Were Downright Cruel

We can't always get what we want. And if we do, well let's be honest, there's usually a catch. Which 'ship teases infuriated your shipper heart?

17 TV Bromances That Should've Been Romances

Bromances have become a television cornerstone. However, there are a few bros we can't help but think would make great romances. Sometimes chemistry is undeniable.

13 TV Couples That Were So Bad Together It Made Us LOL

Many TV romances are epic. Others are dumpster fires. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy laughing at the bad ones! Here is the TV couple make us LOL the most.

23 TV Episodes That Are All Fun And Games

These episodes of television are all about spinning the wheel, taking the card, rolling the dice, and shouting checkmate. The winner takes it all. Are you in?

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