13 TV Love Stories Too Good to be True

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There's nothing like a good TV romance to set our hearts afire.

It makes us feel good to see two people who obviously should be together, finally get together.

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We all know what we see on TV is mostly a fantasy, but are we going too far when we make those couples our #relationshipgoals?

Couples who survive every disaster known to mankind or who are mismatched in every way may be fun to watch, but they're completely unrealistic.

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These epic love stories just don't exist in the real world.

Here are 13 couples whose love is nothing more than a fantasy.

Who would you add to this list? 

Hit the comments and share your picks!

1. Claire and Jaime - Outlander

Claire and Jaime may be one of the most celebrated couples of all time, but we call no dice. Forget about the time travel and age difference, a guy like Jaime would only be able to take so much of a woman like Claire before he'd either walk away or find someone who wasn't. well, such a bitch. Besides, how many long-term couples do you know who are still riding the highs of the honeymoon phase? Their neverending loveydoveyness just doesn't exist in the real world which is why this love story is too good to be true.

2. Derek and Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Drama, drama, and more drama. Sure, there are people in the world who can't stay away from each other because their love is too deep, and it's true that some will tear apart their lives to be with a person they shouldn't be with. But Derek and Meredith's love story was just too complicated and messed up to ever survive in the real world. No real couple could live happily ever after like that (at least until Derek died) no matter what the TV world says.

3. Dr. Finn and Isaac - The Orville

A smart, independent woman like Dr. Finn would never choose a guy as dense and unfeeling as Isaac. He's just too much work. Add in the fact that he's basically a robot, and there you go. It would never happen. Ever.

4. Jack and Rebecca - This is Us

We love Jack and Rebecca. We really do, but here's another case of a nice guy ending up with someone who doesn't deserve him. Rebecca is mean and selfish and the way she treated Jack at times was absolutely abhorrent. He may have been head over heels, but he would have come to his senses eventually if he hadn't died. In the real world, this love story would have ended in divorce.

5. Lois and Peter - Family Guy

She's smart and rich. He's a fat slob with a dead-end job. In the real world, Lois would have tired of Peter and his idiotic ways and sought out someone more engaging and who could support the kind of lifestyle she was used to while growing up. Peter might have provided Lois with a bit of excitement, but marriage and three kids would never have happened.

6. Laura and Shadow Moon - American Gods

She cheated on him with his best friend while he was still in prison. It hurt like hell when Shadow found out what Laura did, but he couldn't stop loving her even though she was a ghost, and he can't stay away from her. In the real world, he would have spit on her grave and told her ghost to go to hell. Some things can never be forgiven and being with a woman who slept with your best friend is one of them.

7. Penny and Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard's story is like the one where the nerd gets the cheerleader. It just doesn't happen in the real world. Sure, opposites attract, but Penny has no depth and Leonard is just boring. It's cute on TV, but completely unrealistic.

8. Burnham and Tyler - Star Trek: Discovery

Burnham is a successful and smart woman and while successful and smart women want love, they're more than likely not going to risk their careers to have it. Why throw it all away for a man -- especially a guy like Tyler who can't even be trusted? Nope. In the real world, Burnham would have had her fun and dumped this guy before it ever became a thing.

9. Jim and Pam - The Office

Who doesn't want to find their true love at the office? There's barely any work involved with it. Just show up for your day and there he or she is waiting to whisk you away to never-never land. While it might work in theory, it won't work in real life. Not only are most office romances banned for obvious reasons, but who wants to be with the one they love 24/7? Jim and Pam are great on TV, but in the real world, their romance would be nothing but a disaster.

10. Snow White and Charming - Once Upon a Time

Snow White and Charming are perfect for each other but no romance is as flawless as theirs. Plus, women who are constantly on the hunt for their prince charming will grow old and bitter when they find out he just doesn't exist in the real world. Sorry, but this romance truly is a fairy tale.

11. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

Getting together with your high school crush is everyone's fantasy, but it's still just a fantasy. Betty and Jughead are two people from different worlds whose paths probably wouldn't even cross if this was real life. Sure, it might happen but the odds are strongly against it.

12. Jay and Gloria - Modern Family

Jay and Gloria's dynamic is one of the most interesting on television. Their romance might happen in the real world, but it wouldn't last long. Gloria is too strong-headed and beautiful for a guy like Jay no matter how kindhearted he is. She'd get bored with him lickety-split, and he'd never be able to constantly please such a demanding and vivacious woman. Sorry, folks, but this love story is pure fiction.

13. Ross and Rachel - Friends

We readily admit that we were one of the millions of fans who rooted for Ross and Rachel and swooned to high heaven when they finally got together for good at the end of the series. Yet, as much as we loved them, we realize now how unrealistic their love was. It's another case of the nerdy guy getting the hot girl, but not only that, Ross is successfully employed while Rachel can't hold a job. They might have great sex, but a real, long-lasting relationship would never happen. The love story of Ross and Rachel is just a pipe dream.

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