13 TV Fathers Who Celebrated Too Soon

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It's not always kids who wind up reeling when they discover the people they believed to be their parents aren't actually their parents -- biologically speaking. TV dads often get blindsided with parentage reveals too.

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In some instances, characters find out they're the father. Other times, a TV dad discovers his child(ren) aren't biologically his after all. Most of the time it's because their partner had an affair. However, time travel and other sci-fi wackiness have been known to cause unexpected parentage twists too.

Some of the dads below never found out. Others couldn't get past the shock and distance themselves from the child. Finally, there are those who said they're the father no matter if DNA says otherwise.   

1. Blake Carrington - Dynasty (2017)

Blake Carrington - Dynasty (2017)
Blake didn't take the news of Ander's being Steven's biological father very well. Anders bore the brunt of Blake's wrath, but they made peace. With Steven, in one of Blake's better moments, Blake insisted nothing between the two would change.

2. Darnell Turner - My Name is Earl

Darnell Turner - My Name is Earl
At the time Earl Jr. was born, Joy and Earl were married, but Joy was having an affair with Darnell. Everyone assumed Darnell was Earl Jr.'s father. Then in what turned out to be the series finale, everyone found out Darnell wasn't the biological father after all. The identity of the who it was remains an unsolved TV mystery.

3. Wyatt Logan - Timeless

Wyatt Logan - Timeless
In the original timeline, Wyatt's wife Jessica was murdered. A few time travel shenanigans later and Jessica was no longer dead. Then she told Wyatt they were going to have a baby. Only she was lying to him because she was a Rittenhouse agent.

4. Ethan Hart - Hart of Dixie

Ethan Hart - Hart of Dixie
When Zoe was 10, she was injured badly enough to make doctors think a blood transfusion, which led to Ethan finding out Zoe was the product of his wife's affair. Ethan couldn't get past it. He divorced his wife and estranged himself from Zoe. As for Zoe, she spent years not understanding why things were different between them.

5. Noah Solloway - The Affair

Noah Solloway - The Affair
Devastated with how Noah portrayed her in his book, Alison briefly sought solace with Cole and then spent weeks separated from Noah. When Alison and Noah reunited, she announced she was pregnant. Initially, they raised baby Joanie together, but DNA testing confirmed Cole was the father.

6. Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl

Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl
A paternity test confirmed Rufus and Lily's suspicions -- Dan wasn't baby Milo's father. Georgina said he was to get wife of Milo's father off her back. Once the situation cooled and she made up with her parents -- Georgina took Milo and left. Despite the lie, Dan was devastated.

7. John Kennish - Switched at Birth

John Kennish - Switched at Birth
Good news, nobody cheated! The hospital switched the Vasquez and Kennish families' baby girls. Angelo found out Daphne wasn't his biological daughter fairly early, but John didn't know until a teenage Bay requested DNA testing.

8. Robert Baratheon - Game of Thrones

Robert Baratheon - Game of Thrones
Given the number of bastards he fathered, King Robert wasn't shy about spilling his seed. Siring an heir should have been easy for him. However, he was married to Cersei, and they were not a match made in heaven. In retaliation for his infidelity and other sins, Cersei chose to bore her twin brother's children instead.

9. Finn Hudson - Glee

Finn Hudson - Glee
Quinn was dating quarterback Finn but seeing Puck on the side when she got pregnant. Quinn knew Puck was the father, but since Finn was the more dependable one between the two, Quinn told Finn the child was his. The truth eventually came out -- in time to jeopardize to New Direction's chances at sectionals.

10. Rome Howard - A Million Little Things

Rome Howard - A Million Little Things
Rome and Gina never wanted kids, which is why he freaked when he saw the used pregnancy test in their apartment. He was starting to warm up to the idea of being a daddy when Gina told him the test wasn't hers. It was Delilah's.

11. Warren McGinnis - Justice League Unlimited

Warren McGinnis - Justice League Unlimited
Cadmus hijacked Warren's flu shot appointment to inject him with a nanite solution, which overrode his reproductive material with Bruce Wayne's for the purpose of having Warren father the next Batman.

12. Commanders of Gilead - The Handmaid's Tale

Commanders of Gilead - The Handmaid's Tale
Most of Gilead's commanders are sterile. However, it's forbidden to say men aren't fertile, and the blame falls upon the handmaids. If a handmaid wants to avoid getting sent to the colonies or whatever other brutal punishment Gilead could devise, they have to find someone else to impregnate them.

13. Alexander Kirk/Constantin Rostov - The Blacklist

Alexander Kirk/Constantin Rostov - The Blacklist
Rostov genuinely thought Liz was his daughter. When she was taken away from him as a toddler, he wanted her back. It wasn't until Liz reached adulthood did Rostov find out he wasn't Liz's biological father because his wife had an affair.

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