13 TV Wedding Receptions We Wish We'd Crashed

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It's wedding season! 

Everyone loves a great wedding; the romance, the heartfelt words, the chance to celebrate love.

But what about the awesome parties that go with the wedding?! 

This is a list that celebrates the best receptions, the ones that we wish we'd crashed, just so that we could celebrate along with some of our favorite TV families! 

From the sentimental to the strange, here are some of the television wedding receptions we wish we'd crashed!

Don't see your favorite? Add it in the comments!

1. Mary and Francis, Reign

Mary and Francis, Reign
Forget William and Kate! This is the REAL royal wedding we wish we had a seat to attend. The food! The dancing! The falling flowers! This reception was royal romance at its finest.

2. Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

Mitch and Cam, Modern Family
Any guest of a wedding that had to stop and start three times before it was moved to a picturesque country club would have been out of their mind with frustration. But one look at those happy grooms and listening to Claire speak about love would have been the best reason to be in attendance. We would have certainly been sporting big smiles!

3. April and Andy, Parks and Recreation

April and Andy, Parks and Recreation
We’d have made a real cake and shown up for April and Andy’s surprise house party wedding. They served pizza rolls and whatever else their guests brought and. Mouserat performed. And oh how we wish we’d had the chance to talk to Andy’s grandma. Our invitation clearly got lost.

4. Howard and Bernadette, The Big Bang Theory

Howard and Bernadette, The Big Bang Theory
Rooftop party with the coolest nerds on the block? We’re in. We’d have become ordained and been extra ministers at their wedding. In fact, that probably could have been our in. Plus, Howard and Bernadette are just fantastic.

5. Dwight and Angela, The Office

Dwight and Angela, The Office
Any wedding that takes place on graves is bound to be a lot of fun. Dwight and Angela sealed the deal and danced the night away at Schrute Farms with all their friends from Dunder Mifflin, old and new. We really just wish we could have snuck up behind Michael and heard him say, “That’s what she said,” at least once or twice.

6. Bones and Booth, Bones

Bones and Booth, Bones
Is there anyone who didn’t wish they had a ticket to one of the most painfully awaited weddings, one that felt like it took nine years to plan? Oh wait… it did. Between Cyndi Lauper singing love songs, vows that would make anyone weep, and all the champagne going around, is there any reason we wouldn’t have crashed?

7. Jesse and Rebecca, Full House

Jesse and Rebecca, Full House
Always wanted to party with the Tanners? If we’d crashed Jesse and Rebecca’s wedding, we could have gone to their house reception. The full house got even Fuller (hey, that’s a show now!) when hundreds of extras piled in to celebrate Uncle Jesse getting married. We’d crash just to figure out the confusing layout of that house.

8. Klaine and Brittana, Glee

Klaine and Brittana, Glee
This is a two for one deal, as far as weddings go. One kick ass reception in a lovely old barn with all of the entertainment provided by the former Glee kids (and some of their moms?). We waited five years to see this celebration. We only wish we’d seen it in person.

9. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation
The chance to drink Lagavulin in the Pawnee Parks office while singing “5,000 Candles in the Wind (Bye Bye Lil’ Sebastian)” is enough for us to wish we’d bought Leslie and Ben that citrus reamer and shown up at the wedding!

10. Lily and Rufus, Gossip Girl

Lily and Rufus, Gossip Girl
A wedding in a loft with the soundtrack provided by Sonic Youth, IN PERSON? Um, yes please? Why didn’t we try to get in? Free Sonic Youth concert, guys!

11. Liz and Criss, 30 Rock

Liz and Criss, 30 Rock
If Liz Lemon is getting hitched, why wouldn’t we want to go to that party?! The bride wore Princess Leia, Tony Bennett sang, and Jack read The Fountainhead, all taking place at city hall amongst “Welcome Baby” balloons. It was a disaster, but one where would have liked to party.

12. Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother
Based on Lily’s stress level, we knew this wedding was going to be fantastic. But who knew all the food would look SO good! We wish we’d crashed this wedding just for the food alone, which by the way, the bride and groom never even got to eat! Bonus, we’d have totally figured out that Ted and Robin broke up way before Barney did.

13. Sarah and Hank, Parenthood

Sarah and Hank, Parenthood
Ain’t no party like a Braverman party, cause a Braverman party… will make you laugh and cry simultaneously. But let’s be honest, the real reason we wanted to crash this wedding is so that we could have pretended, just for a night, to have been adopted by Zeek and Camille.

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