19 TV Characters Who Don't Know How to Chill on Vacation

Vacation can be vital to stay at your best, but some characters just really suck at taking one. These 19 characters really don't know how to chill on their vacation.

19 Characters Who Had Too Many Love Interests

Sometimes keeping track of other people's love life can get downright exhausting. Can you think of a character who needed a break from their search for romance?

29 TV Characters Who Were Too Good to Last

They're so doe-eyed, caring, and often so naive they seem to have "kill me" taped to their back. Here are 29 souls who were too good to make it out of their shows alive.

37 TV Characters Who Would Rain on Your Parade

Who doesn't want to have a good time at a parade or any other social gathering? Unfortunately, there are some television characters who will spoil the fun for everyone.

31 Characters Who Fail at Being "Just Friends"

When you're meant to be, you're meant to be. No matter how hard these 31 characters may try, they'll always be a lot more than "just friends!"

31 TV Characters Who Really Enjoy Food

Food can be a pleasure on multiple levels whether you partake in a feast or are the chef. Here are 31 TV characters who enjoy a good meal or take pride in preparing it.

21 Characters Who Use Sarcasm as a Weapon

Sarcasm can be a cutting rhetorical device, and some characters know just how to use it to there advantage. Here are 13 characters who use sarcasm as a weapon.

13 TV Dads Who Didn't Live Long Enough To Meet Their Child

Here's to the TV Dads who were never given the opportunity to see their child's first steps, to guide them through life, or watch their kid take on the world.

21 of the Best Kisses That Never Happened

Ruining the moment is a sure way for a show to frustrate their viewers. We were so close, yet so far! Which "almost kisses" had you yelling at your television screen?

19 Secondary Romances that Surpassed Expectations

They may not be the show's main focus, but that doesn't mean they're not ours. What's a secondary romance on television that went above and beyond for you?

19 Slowburn TV Ships That Destroyed The Moonlighting Curse

Slowburn ships always run the risk of not being explored or happening too late, and yet there are successful TV ships that prove just how much potential comes from there.

19 of the Best TV Characters to Mend Your Broken Heart

No one gets through life without suffering heartbreak, but these are the TV characters who would drop everything and do anything to make you feel better.

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