13 Ultra Cool TV Moms We Admire

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Moms are heroes.

Sometimes that means literally saving the world.

It can also mean saving your kids from the horrors of everyday life. Regardless, we think these 13 mothers are ultra cool. 

1. Jennier "JJ" Jareau - Criminal Minds

Jennier "JJ" Jareau - Criminal Minds
JJ spends a lot of time at the office tracking down crazy killers to ensure others are safe, but when it comes to her kids, nothing stands in her way. Like any other mother, JJ takes time off for maternity leave and bonds with her children after giving birth. She loves and protects her family first.

2. Cassie Nightingale - The Good Witch

Cassie Nightingale - The Good Witch
Cassie helps the people of Middleton with their problems in all sorts of magical ways, never admitting to any special powers despite the title of the series. She's kind, forgiving and compassionate to all and has raised her daughter to be the same. They're everything to each other.

3. Sarah Manning - Orphan Black

Sarah Manning - Orphan Black
When Sarah discovered she was a clone, the only one who had naturally given birth, her very existence became about protecting not only her daughter, Kira, but her sestras, too. Thankfully, all of the clones have become family and together they fight to keep Kira alive. Very cool.

4. Elizabeth Jennings - The Americans

Elizabeth Jennings - The Americans
As a KGB spy embedded in America, Elizabeth raised her children, Paige and Henry, to be the quintessential Americans. But now Paige knows she's a Russian operative and has seen her mother's true colors. A simple day at the mall became a life or death situation when they were held up. Elizabeth won, proving she was more capable of protecting them than her children ever knew.

5. June aka Offred - The Handmaid's Tale

June aka Offred - The Handmaid's Tale
June was stripped of everything, first her rights, then her family, then her dignity and even her name. They cannot take her memories, so she fights to survive through intense emotional turmoil and even physical brutality so she can reunite with her daughter, Hannah. Society may not be the same, but she'll do anything for a chance to see Hannah again.

6. Sam Fox - Better Things

Sam Fox - Better Things
Actress Sam Fox is not only funny, she has learned to listen to her kids. She doesn't always hear them right away, but when she does, talks to them in their own language, accepting them for who they are, not who she wants them to be. She stands up for them and surprises them with her keen understanding of her three very different daughters, Max, Frankie and Duke.

7. Chloe Decker - Lucifer

Chloe Decker - Lucifer
Chloe may be out solving crimes all day long, but it never gets in the way of a parent/teacher conference for Trixie or interferes with her relationship with her rambunctious daughter in any way. Chloe even trusts the king of Hell to guard Trixie when necessary, and yes, that's a good thing.

8. Alice Cooper - Riverdale

Alice Cooper - Riverdale
Alice Cooper is the no-nonsense mother to Betty and Polly Cooper. She has quick-witted responses to people trashing her kids and has a whole lot of secrets. She even threw a brick through her husband's window at his workplace. She was still home to cook breakfast the next morning.

9. Cookie Lyon - Empire

Cookie Lyon - Empire
Look, Cookie isn't going to win any mother of the year awards. She has moments when she plays favorites, and she can hold a grudge. But when her kids need her in their corner, there isn't a better mom to have on their side. She'll fight to the death for her boys. And cool? You don't get cooler than Cookie Lyon.

10. Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary

Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary
Another mother literally working day in and out to save the world, this one has a very healthy family life. She's one of the most well-balanced family women on television and has a life we all envy. She doesn't always get it right, but she listens to her kids and has a husband she can count on to help.

11. Katie Bowman - Colony

Katie Bowman - Colony
When the walls went up, Katie's family was torn apart and every day thereafter she was fighting to put it back together again. She joined a resistance movement and became skilled in areas she never imagined possible with the hope she'd get her son back and her children would grow up with the freedoms she did. Her family is together once more, but she's still fighting.

12. Hayley Marshall - The Originals

Hayley Marshall - The Originals
Werewolf Hayley Marshall managed to beat the odds and keep her daughter, Hope safe when the Original family was in a tragic situation for five years. She stopped at nothing to reunite her daughter with her father ... even if it meant putting her life at risk. Her own life!!

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