17 Most Exciting Renewals and Saves of 2018!

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It's always exciting when our favorite shows receive a renewal, but things don't always work out the way we'd like.

TV shows are renewed and canceled all the time, that's television for you. Which ones make the cut depend on a variety of factors, and a network's decision to not renew a series is seldom an easy one.

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But sometimes when one network loses hope in a show another one finds potential and ends up saving a series from certain death, giving it a brand new lease on life.

As yet another amazing year of television draws to a close, let's take a look back at the most exciting renewals and saves of 2018!

1. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing's cancellation at NBC last year came as a huge shock, especially considering its following and that it was a strong ratings performer for the network. Thankfully, FOX flew in to save the day and brought the Baxter family back to our screens for its seventh season without missing a beat.

2. Lucifer

One month following the series' surprise cancellation after three seasons at FOX, Lucifer fans rejoiced as Netflix saved the series from being sent to the depths of hell. Season four will consist of ten episodes and is slated for a 2019 return. Thank the Lord (of darkness?) for streaming services.

3. The Good Place

The Good Place
Since its debut in 2016, The Good Place has consistently pulled in solid numbers for NBC, but the same could have been said about Last Man Standing's stint on the network and we know how that turned out. ABC knows they have a clear winner on their hands and it's exciting to know that it will be receiving a fourth season. The number one NBC comedy series has definitely found itself in a good place.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
If Law & Order and The Office had a love child, you'd get Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The NBC series found a winning formula by mixing a police procedural with single camera comedy. There hasn't been anything else quite like it on television, which is what made FOX's decision to cancel the series after five seasons so dissapointing. Fortunately, NBC pounced on FOX's mistake and gave Brooklyn Nine-Nine a second chance at life. The series returns for its sixth season on January 10, 2019.

5. Gotham

The Batman origin series returning for a fifth season was up in the air, but luckily, it received a final season order at FOX. While it's unfortunate that Gotham will be coming to an end after hitting its stride in seasons three and four, it's comforting to know that the series will be given a proper ending.

6. The Resident

The Resident
The Resident has quickly found a following and FOX's medical drama has seemingly left a positive impression on the network. FOX has since ordered a full-season pickup, giving the series a full 22-episode second season.

7. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agents of Shield has been a decent performer for ABC, but the surprise in this renewal came from the announcement that the series was renewed for a seventh season before its season six premiere has even aired. While Agents of Shield Season 6 will only consist of 13 episodes, it's exciting to see ABC's faith in the series and that the show still has plenty of story left to tell.

8. The Expanse

The Expanse
Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos was just as devastated by Syfy's premature decision to cancel The Expanse as the rest of its viewers, as he himself is a huge fan of the series. The Expanse's fans were all able to breathe a sigh of relief after Amazon swooped in to save the show and will be bringing the series' fourth season to Amazon Video.

Just when we thought we couldn't find another reason to love Amazon.

9. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor had a rocky sophomore season, but the series has proved to have a devoted fan base which is why it's cancellation at ABC was such a disappointment. However, thanks to Netflix, President Kirkman won't be resigning from office anytime soon as the streaming service picked up the series for a ten-episode fourth season set to be released in 2019.

10. The Ranch

The Ranch
Following the controversy surrounding Danny Masterson's sexual assault allegations, many fans wondered if the series would be returning at all, despite writing Masterson's character, Rooster out of the series. However, Netflix surprisingly ended up announcing its renewal plans for a fourth season.

11. GLOW

As grateful as we are for Netflix bringing canceled shows back to life, the streaming service came very close to giving one of its own shows the ax. After GLOW's first season, Netflix heavily considered not renewing the series due to poor ratings, however, there was no denying the critical acclaim the series garnered during its freshman run. Netflix eventually made the wise decision in bringing back GLOW for a second season and has already been renewed for a third. The Gorgeous Women of Wrestling simply won't stay down for the count!

12. Timeless

While Timeless wasn't renewed per se, after NBC canceled it they did decide to give it a two-hour wrap-up movie airing later this month to close out the story. Most fans are hoping the movie will do well enough for NBC or another network to pick it up for a third season. Fingers crossed!

13. Preacher

Preacher's ratings haven't been anything to be impressed by throughout its first three seasons. However, thanks to the series' immense popularity and fan base, AMC announced that Jesse Custer and the gang will be back for a fourth season and ready to take the battle right to Herr Starr's doorstep.

14. YOU

While Lifetime did initially order a second season before its first season even aired, the network eventually decided against the decision due to low ratings. Thankfully, Netflix saved the day yet again, as YOU has found a new home for its second season.

15. Queen of the South

Queen of the South
Coming off its best season, the renewal for this one came down very late and had a lot of diehard fans worried. But USA came through and we'll get another season of Teresa, Pote, and hopefully James, continuing their ascension to the throne.

16. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars
This one doesn't air until 2019, but the news that Hulu was picking up our plucky gal heroine for another spin surely sent fans to their social media accounts to celebrate the news. One can never have enough Kristen Bell on television!

17. House of Cards

House of Cards
House of Cards almost came tumbling down like one when Kevin Spacey was one of the many accused in Hollywood of sexual misconduct. But with an extraordinarily capable second-in-command both on screen and off, the Netflix series managed to pull off what could have been impossible on shows that placed less value on the story and cast surrounding the featured player. Well done!

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