15 Times Characters Were Treated Like Fools

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In the spirit of April Fool's Day, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best pranks on TV. 

Some of these took a lot of time and planning, but the payoff in the end was well worth the effort!

These pranks are funny and creative, and they just might give you a few ideas for your next target. 

So check out our list of 15 TV pranks and remember to watch your back this April Fool's Day!

1. The Office

The Office
It's impressive Jim managed to actually sell any paper at Dunder Mifflin considering how much time and effort he put into pranking Dwight! It's impossible to pick a favorite, but some of the standouts include the wrapping paper desk, the stapler in jello, and the personal items in the vending machine. There was no telling what Jim would come up with next!

2. The Simpsons

The Simpsons
Bart has made countless hilarious prank calls to Moe over the years, and poor Moe falls for it every time! Some of the best fake names Bart has made him say include "Al Coholic," "Hugh Jass," and "Anita Bath."

3. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Howard has taken all kinds of abuse from Sheldon, but he got his revenge in the best way possible with his hilarious fake heart attack. Sheldon thought he was the one doing the pranking, planning to shock him with a handshake. But, Howard then falls to the ground and Bernadette exclaims he has a heart condition. She makes Sheldon stab him with a fake adrenaline needle. This time, the "bazinga" was on Sheldon!

4. Castle

Kate and the boys pulled off a fantastic, "Rear Window" esque prank on Castle when he's laid up with a broken leg. They manage to convince him there is a murderer across the street, to the point where Kate goes over there to check it out. Castle sees her get attacked from the window, and that's when it is revealed to be a suprise birthday party! Castle seems upset for a second at thinking Kate was going to die, but then proclaims the prank to be the best birthday present ever.

5. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
When Ben starts his job as city manager, he's a little uptight, even for him. Donna, April, and Andy decide he needs to loosen up a bit, and the best way to do that is to prank him! They get him fake arrested, and then Andy agrees to help Ben prank them back. The problem is, Ben is a terrible prankster, and he just winds up getting fake blood on everyone.

6. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
It's tradition to prank Coach Finstock the day before Halloween, which also happens to be his birthday. When he finds a box on the desk in his office, he pokes at it with a lacrosse stick, suspicious of a prank. When nothing happens, he opens the box, finding screws. When he lifts it, all of his pictures come crashing down because the screws have been removed. He's angry and runs into his classroom, finding another box on his desk. Thinking it's another prank, he throws it down and stomps on it, only to discover that it was a coffee mug for his birthday.

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