15 TV Families You Wish Were Yours

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The family bond on television is one dynamic that keeps fans coming back each week and each season. Whether the family is full of laughs or stabbing each other in the back, it is one of the core reason fans tune in.

On some TV shows the family dynamic leaves such an impression on viewers that they literally wish they were a part of this fictional family.

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There is a feeling of inclusion each time certain families are on the TV screen, and it is time to honor them.

The list could be endless. There are so many TV families over the years that have made us want to be part of them. However, for our list, we have included families that have most recently been a part of our TV lives. There is one or two throwback's that made the list because those families deserve a proper shout-out.

1. The Walkers – Brothers & Sisters

The Walkers – Brothers & Sisters
Those Walker siblings, Kitty, Sarah, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin, knew how to bring the drama. They yelled, screamed, cried and fought with each other, as well as for each other. Their natural sibling banter, especially in the episodes where all the Walkers were together was priceless. Plus, their gatherings always included wine. They drank a lot of wine on that show which is another reason they are a fan-favorite family.

2. The Pearsons – This Is Us

The Pearsons – This Is Us
Does there really need to be an explanation for the Pearson family? The best part of this family is that at all ages there is chaos, fighting, resentment, laugher, and a lot of tears. Whether the big three are grown adults, teenagers, or 10-year-olds, their connection is unbreakable. It is a sibling bond fans cherish. Plus, Jack is their dad, and Rebecca is their mom. They're the perfect imperfect parents. Who wouldn't want to be part of the Pearson clan?

3. The Bravermans – Parenthood

The Bravermans – Parenthood
Being a Braverman wasn't always easy, but man, it would be great to have Adam, Sarah, Julia, and Crosby as siblings. Parents, Zeek and Camille, doled out the best advice even when it was not wanted. Their backyard was the place for family gatherings, full of laughter, tears, announcements, and a lot of shouting. Even at the worst of times, this family bond is unbreakable, and that is precious. Plus, they have the best dance parties!

4. The Adams-Fosters – The Fosters

The Adams-Fosters – The Fosters
The Adams-Fosters are the most unconventional family made up of biological, adopted and foster kids, but they proved blood doesn't matter. You only need love to make a family. Moms Steph and Lena ran a tight but lenient ship. They let their kids be themselves without judgment and were always welcoming, even in the toughest of times, which included birth parents, brain trauma, death, forbidden love, and of course, teenage sex.

5. The Barones – Everybody Loves Raymond

The Barones – Everybody Loves Raymond
The Barone family dynamic is crazy, funny, intrusive, and most of all loving. They yell, don't listen, and resent each other. But they also have each other's backs. Ray and his family are not like the others on this list. They represent real-life family craziness. However, it is the humor of this family that makes viewers want to be a part of them. In the toughest of situations, humor is critical. The Barones are all about the humor, even at the most inappropriate times, and that is pretty cool.

6. The Walshes- Beverly Hills 90210

The Walshes- Beverly Hills 90210
The midwestern Walsh family was a fish out of water in Beverly Hills. Even as they adapted to their new surroundings, Jim and Cindy made sure their twins, Brandon and Brenda, never lost their core family values. The Walshes became the family many of the Beverly Hills kids needed. Everyone was family at the Walsh house, even Dylan. The welcoming attitude and unconditional love are what makes their family dynamic so special.

7. The Ewings – Dallas

The Ewings – Dallas
The Ewings are full of selfish, backstabbing family members looking out for themselves. There is no doubt about that. But they also fight for each other, the family business, and keeping the Ewing name alive. They are far from a loving family most of the time, but they are always loyal, even if it takes a while for them to show it. Their loyalty, as well as their dysfunction, made viewers want to be a part of crew. They are the perfect example of an imperfect family that is still all about family.

8. The Pritchett/Dunphys – Modern Family

The Pritchett/Dunphys – Modern Family
This clan is crazy, sneaky, ridiculous, funny, and they can't get enough of each other. This crew has a get together for every occasion. Sometimes they can't even figure out the reason for the family gathering. Their constant hangs, continued acceptance, and unwanted advice are what makes this group a cherished family. Plus, they are hilarious!

9. The Cohens – The O.C.

The Cohens – The O.C.
Sandy and Kirsten as parents? Yes, please! Seth and Ryan hit the jackpot with them as parents. The boys aren't too bad either with Seth's wit and Ryan's brooding. Breakfast moments full of banter, angst, a lot of talks, and ignored advice are how we should all start our day. The Cohens are a solid example of family first. They are loyal, and even when they fight, they still love. It is a pretty fantastic dynamic.

10. The Gilmores – Gilmore Girls

The Gilmores – Gilmore Girls
Those Gilmore Girls; who wouldn't want to live in Stars Hollow and be a part of their family? It is not just the crazy close bond of Lorelai and Rory either. Richard and Emily, despite their faults, add to the family dynamic, too. Friday night dinners are always entertaining, even when the foursome is on the outs. The fast-paced banter and unique dynamic are what make the Gilmore clan so intriguing that viewers wish they were one of them.

11. The Keatons – Family Ties

The Keatons – Family Ties
Hippie parents Steven and Elyse were the coolest parents raising their four kids back in the 1980s. Having uptight Alex as a brother and not-so-smart Mallory would be epic. The family was full of disagreements, life lessons, laughter, and a lot of tears. Despite all their differences, the Keatons are warm, funny, and full of fuzzy family values, and that is why all these decades later, fans still want to be a Keaton.

12. The Taylors – Friday Night Lights

The Taylors – Friday Night Lights
Eric and Tami Taylor's love for each other and their children is what makes this family so beloved. They are good at heart, speak their minds, aren't afraid to push the envelope, and always do the right thing. Even when they fight -- with each other or daughter Julie -- the love still shines through. The Taylor family make each person they know feel loved. Their dynamic is so inspirational that being a Taylor would be an honor.

13. The Goldbergs – The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs – The Goldbergs
The Goldbergs is based on the family of executive producer Adam F. Goldberg. It is not a fictional family, which makes them even more beloved. Yes, the show takes some liberties, but the smother pops and Murray calling his kids morons are all real. Underneath all the outlandish angst, shenanigans, disasters, and fights, the family is about sticking together, loving each other, and following dreams. Plus, the dynamic is so '80s and who doesn't love the '80s?

14. The Reagans - Blue Bloods

The Reagans - Blue Bloods
The multi-generational Raegan family goes to church and has family dinner every Sunday. Those times they are at the dinner table debating, celebrating, being thankful, and dealing with important issues are the family moments many dream about. Everyone gets to speak their peace in this clan. They don't always get along and are always in each other's business, but there is nothing more important to the Reagans than family.

15. The McCords - Madam Secretary

The McCords - Madam Secretary
One of the things that makes the McCords great is their imperfections. Both Elizabeth and Henry have high-profile careers taking them away from their kids a lot. However, they have managed to instill the best core values in their kids. Siblings Stevie, Jason, and Alison represent real-life siblings who are not overly close and don't always like each other but would kill for each other. The McCords have a real-life aspect to them, which honestly makes them more appealing.

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