17 Summer Shows We Can't Wait to Watch!

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There are a lot of new and returning shows coming our way over the coming weeks. 

Here are some of the ones we're looking forward to watching. Are there some we missed that you can't wait to see? 

Drop us a comment!

1. Preacher - AMC

Preacher - AMC
Preacher first airs on May 22. Any show about the supernatural is always fun and when it involves a possessed preacher trying to find God, that makes it even better. Plus it stars Dominic Cooper. Enough said.

2. Wayward Pines - Fox

Wayward Pines - Fox
Wayward Pines returns to Fox for Season 2 on May 25. Jason Patric is going to be dropped into the middle of the town that will be changed from the last time we saw it. We think the kids will be in control. Eh, details. We can't wait!

3. Mistresses - ABC

Mistresses - ABC
We have no idea exactly what to expect when Mistresses returns on May 30, but we know that it will be dramatic and sudsy and we'll love every minute of it. At least two characters were flirting with death at the end of last season...we're holding our breath here!

4. Scream - MTV

Scream - MTV
Scream was sluggish early on, but by the time the finale rolled around, it had turned into a great TV series, full of mystery and intrigue. We need to find out the nuts and bolts about why Audrey was in cahoots with the Lakewood slasher. We also need to witness some of the weaker characters being sliced and diced for our entertainment. Expect it to start on May 30th!

5. Outcast - Cinemax

Outcast - Cinemax
Outcast is from Robert Kirkman, the same guy that penned The Walking Dead comics. That in itself makes it a must watch. But this is beyond horror. Little boys eating cockroaches is just the beginning, and that beginning is on June 3rd!

6. Rizzoli & Isles - TNT

Rizzoli & Isles - TNT
Rizzoli & Isles airs the first of its Season 7 episodes on June 6. That's the last season and the final chance to get the best scenes from one of the better female friendships on TV. Fingers crossed it's all we hope it will be!

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